Canadians open for Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame Award Induction Ceremony at the 12th Annual Austin Songwriters Symposium.

(from Left-Right) Bob McKitrick. Jordan Paul, Ron Beer, Denis Bastarache, Francine Leclair, Lisa Birt, Kait Howard



The Austin Songwriters Group (ASG) and the Texas Songwriters Association hold an Annual Symposium yearly, in fact, this year saw its 12th symposium. The ASG have recognized Canadian talent and organize a showcase of Canadian music. Canadians have always been given a big Texan welcome and this year the Canadian Showcase was placed on the first night opening for the Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame Awards Induction Ceremony. The showcase followed an “In The Round” format with Ron Beer finishing the showcase off with a full band, a mix of Canadian and Texan artists.
The showcase was then followed by 3 days of pitch session opportunities with the music industry’s top Nashville and LA publishers looking for songs and songwriters. In addition to meeting with publishers, other songwriters and music industry professionals, there were songwriting workshops, panels with music industry professionals and other songwriters, concerts, showcases, and late night pickin’ circles. Ron Beer is the organizer of the Canadian Showcase and showcase participants were selected through the Empty Chairs campaign that was put on by the S.A.C.


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Written by Francine Leclair

Leamington Regional Writer’s Group co-ordinator

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On Friday, May 25, members of the Windsor RWG celebrated the “unveiling” of their new “Reflections on 1812” CD of original material with a debut concert featuring the majority of the artists on the recording.  The event is being staged by the 1812 Committee for the Town of Tecumseh, Ontario ( on Windsor’s eastern border ) and will be held in conjunction with that town’s annual Arts Festival.  In addition, copies of the CD will be available for free distribution to attendees.
They’re “free” because the writing and recording project was funded by means of a grant obtained by former Windsor RWG Coordinator Peter Boyer from the Ministry of Canadian Heritage.  One of the stipulations for their securing that funding was that the completed CD’s be made available to the public at no cost.
As a result of his involvement with Tecumseh’s Arts Committee, Windsor RWG member and founding coordinator Glen MacNeil spearheaded the move to facilitate the involvement of Tecumseh Town Council and its 1812 Committee in hosting the CD “unveiling” (not actually a “release”, as it’s not for sale).
Featured on the CD are compositions and performances by Windsor RWG members Phil Poli, Paulette Ingram, Mark Crampsie, Linda Girard, Glen MacNeil, Gone Wrong, Peter Boyer, Adam Gilchrist, Dale Butler, Sharon Light, and Roger John, as well as by present coordinator Dave Light. The initial recordings were produced, recorded and mixed by Mark Plancke at Sharktank Productions in Windsor, mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel Mastering, and replicated at Silverbirch Productions in Toronto.  Sharon Light (assisted by Linda Girard) provided the cover concept design and jacket photography.
“We’re all extremely proud of the quality of the finished project”, says Windsor RWG Coordinator Dave Light. “In all aspects, from initial writing of the songs to the final replication, it’s a first-rate, professional product !”
Members plan to be doing a number of performances of the material on the CD at various 1812-related events throughout south-western Ontario over the coming months.

Songwriters Showcase 2012 – by the Victoria Regional Writers Group (S.A.C.)

Photos by Peter Brunette (click for more)

Written by:  Tracy Mills

The 3rd Annual Songwriters Showcase took place on Feb 11, 2012:   fifteen of our songwriters from the Victoria Regional Writers Group (VRWG) took to the stage and let fly their original songs.

The crowd was responsive and engaged: they clapped and sang.  And I’m sure they would have done so, even if I hadn’t threatened them with my bow.  Plus we raised some money for Knox Presbyterian  (who graciously allow us use of their space for our monthly workshops).

We came from such humble beginnings three years ago:  4 of us clutching our pencils, sharing an envelope for our melodies; to today, 20 of us spilling our lyrics across four tables and onto the floor.  We have over 75 on our songwriters  mailing list  and growing numbers on our facebook page.   And all levels – from the beginner to those who have “cut deals” with their songs.  Each workshop hones a particular songwriting skill, but the people in the room are the real strength.  We have become a mature community that can deal with any issues that arise – that and we make people who act out sit in the corner and write limericks with moon and June.

The RWG program is spearheaded by the Songwriters Association of Canada, and boasts 15 groups from Victoria to Kippens.  Each with it’s own style, program and volunteer coordinators.  You should start one.

Much love and much more soon,

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