The Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) is a friendly community of songwriters here to support each other in the creative journey.  We also advocate on behalf of songwriters to protect the value of our work.  Being a member has many privileges including opportunities to network, get your music heard, as well as honing the craft.  Why not join today and start connecting with others through our on-line community.  You can also protect your work through the Canadian Song Vault, or have your music assessed through the Song Assessment Service.  We look forward to hearing your songs, and meeting you in person at one of our many upcoming events!

Visit us at:  http://www.songwriters.ca


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  1. patrick D

    my name is patrick Dimji from is record in montreal and our company are looking for commercial radio promotions for canada and may be the world if the promotions goes very well, please let me know what are your guaranties on radio plays, and what music genre have you had the best song success added in your radio promotion and how much is your promotion to radio and for how long is the promotions


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