Spotify Ep. 8. West Coast

Spotify Ep. 8 (2)

Greetings, fellow Songwriters!

Here we have another cool playlist for this year – Ep. 8. West Coast. This playlists consists of submissions we had over the course of the last few months from our members from West Coast provinces. Be sure to give it a listen by clicking here and, as always, subscribe for updates!

The featured artists and songs are below:


Alexandria Maillot – Messed it Up

Release Year: 2018

Performed by: Alexandria Maillot

Written by: Alexandria Maillot

Produced by: Samuel Hewson Woywitka, Alexandria Maillot

Source: CDBaby


Edie Daponte – Sliver of Time

Album: Alegria

Release Year: 2019

Performed by: Edie Daponte

Written by: Edie Daponte

Source: CDBaby


Josh Bogert – Dad’s Car

Release Year: 2019

Performed by: Josh Bogert

Written by: Josh Bogert, Andy Delisi, John Mavrogiannis

Produced by: Sean Fischer

Source: CDBaby


Ria Jade – Wild Things

Release Year: 2019

Performed by: Ria Jade

Written by: Ria Jade

Source: CDBaby


Chamelion – I Love You for You

Release Year: 2019

Performed by: Chamelion

Written by: Chamelion

Produced by: Chamelion

Source: Chamelion


Kim Thompson – Game of Love

Release Year: 2019

Performed by: Kim Thompson

Written by: Kim Thompson

Produced by: MCC Studio

Source: Kim Thompson


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