Pro Member Interview – Andrew Allen

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Allen’s DIY ability and optimistic attitude have served him well. He’s scored five Top 10 hits in Canada, 2009’s “I Wanna Be Your Christmas”, 2010’s “Loving You Tonight” which was lodged in the upper reaches of the charts for more than 22 weeks. 2011’s “I Want You”, 2015’s “What You Wanted” and 2016’s “Favourite Christmas Song”! 

His benchmark single “Loving You Tonight” was a lilting, sunny tune about an ideal romance, “Loving You Tonight” helped put Andrew on tour with acts like Bruno Mars, One Republic, Andy Grammer, The Script, Train, Joshua Radin and The Barenaked Ladies… with the official music video garnering more than 4 million views and over 100,000 copies sold worldwide. 

As a songwriter, Andrew’s written with some incredible writers and artists, including Meghan Trainor, Rachel Platten, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tyler Shaw, and Toby Gad (writer of ‘All of Me’ – John Legend, ‘If I Were a Boy’ – Beyonce, ‘Bigs Girls Don’t Cry’ – Fergie etc) to name a few… and is credited with writing songs for Nick Howard (winner of the Voice Germany), Germany pop icon Mario Novembre and EDM singles for Project 46, Ilan Bluestone and the song ‘Last Chance’ that can be found on Kaskade’s Grammy Nominated album as well as the Quadruple Platinum Italian smash “Ad Occhi Chiusi” which was co-written by Matt Simons for Italian Superstar Marco Mengoni and Latin America’s boy band CD9’s Gold selling song ‘Dime’. 

In addition, you may have heard his songs featured in various TV Shows and Movies, including the blockbuster Taylor Lautner film ‘Abduction’, reality show ‘The Bachelor’, UP Networks ‘Bringing up Bates’ and the most recent Folger’s Coffee commercial! 

Radio play and songwriting aside, Andrew is a true live performer with an exceptional voice, incredible songs, some serious live looping chops and limitless energy… not too mention a spatter of comic wit and story-telling ability that helps create a dynamic and interactive live show. He’s definitely an artist that embodies the term ‘live’.

Below is our interview with Andrew Allen:

  • How has your music evolved since you first became a recording/performing artists?

When I started writing I was just writing off the cuff, just spit balling it thinking of whatever I could think of. And, after working with a lot of other writers and collaborating (which can be awkward at first I recognized how important it is to be poignant in what you’re saying to keep away a lot of the extras bits and pieces and to really hone in to what exactly you’re trying to say in the lyric and also to pair it well melodically. And so, I think that the evolution of my own writing has become much more refined and I recognize that it’s definitely a muscle you need to continue work on and if you don’t it gets weak. So a lot of people are like “I’m not inspired to write today” and I disagree with that. I think that you need to write as often as you possible can to keep that muscle active. 

  • What is your fondest musical memory?

So, this is probably about 2 1/2 years ago maybe more. I had flown a friend out to LA where I was living at the time and I said lets write some songs. So the first song we wrote was terrible (haha). And then then second (the next morning) – I had gone to bed the night before and my wife had said to me “I’m very, very confident that I’m pregnant and I’m having a baby girl.” And we hadn’t figured it out for sure yet, but she was very convinced and I believed her. So the next morning I didn’t want to tell him that but I felt very inspired to write sort of a life song. And I all of sudden realized “Wow, I never thought about being a dad and the fact that maybe one day I could also be a Grandfather.” So him and I wrote a song called “Time” and it took us about 45 minutes and it just came out and it was all about the times that you would want to teach to that little human. The neat thing for me was that we recorded a demo of it and I sent it to my publisher and about a year later they contacted me and said they wanted to use it in a Folgers commercial and I thought “that sounds amazing!”. But you never know what those commercials are going to be. So when I saw the commercial, there’s a little girl sitting at breakfast bar and she’s colouring and her Dad comes down and pours coffee into a to-go mug and then he’s about to leave the house and realizes “No, I think I’m going to stay” and he pours his coffee into a #1 stay at home mug and sits down beside his little girl. So the fact that they used a song that was inspired by the birth of my daughter to represent this moment was really special to me.

  • What would be your advice to other creators?

I think .. always challenge yourself. I think if you are writing a song and you’re like “this is the best song I’ve ever written” or whatever – Y’know, Rachel Platten – She’s a great inspiration on this front where before she released “fight song” she wrote a hundred songs before it. And if you talk to other Artists, they just keep churning it out. And not to say your first song isn’t your best song but I think that a lot of new writers will say to me “How do I get a publishing deal? How do I get a record deal?” And my advice to them is always that people want to get onboard a moving train and you have to be moving and challenge yourself. If you’re trying to write songs for the radio, listen to the radio and see what’s coming out and compare your songs against them. And if they’re not good enough write harder, write better, and collaborate. Challenge yourself – that’s my advice. 

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Pro Member Interview – Winston Hauschild

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Winston Hauschild is a Canadian songwriter and record producer with an ear for new talent. Producing breakthrough recordings for emerging artists, he’s helped launch the careers of everyone from two-time Juno Award nominee Hannah Georgas and folk artist Mike Edel to indie pop artist Nat Jay, nominated for Pop Recording of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2015. 

Winston also produced Wanting, the first Chinese artist to be signed to Nettwerk Music Group. Their collaboration, her debut album, Everything in the World, went multi- platinum and won numerous awards, including Album of the Year at the Chinese version of the Grammy Awards. Soon after, Wanting received 15 Best New Artist Awards across Asia and performed to 700 million people during Mainland China’s televised New Year’s Gala (CCTV) in 2012. 

Dedicated to helping diverse artists navigate a tough industry, Winston is an artist’s producer. A songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and former recording artist signed to Aquarius Records, Winston grew up in the Canadian music scene – whether playing small towns as the teenage frontman of his first band or as a touring musician playing hockey arenas. 

A vocal supporter of arts funding and education, Winston sits on the Board of Directors for Music BC, a non-profit industry association dedicated to the growth and sustainability of British Columbia’s music community. He’s also served as a producer/mentor for the Peak Performance Project’s Boot Camp, an artist development program with career-changing cash prizes for top performers sponsored by Vancouver radio station, The Peak 102.7 FM. 

Always searching for the best new sounds for his various projects, Winston splits his time between some of Vancouver’s top commercial studios and his private studio in the woods on Bowen Island. Below is our interview with Winston:

  • How did you get your start as a creator in the industry?

 I’ve been writing songs and making records for 28 years now.  I started by playing in numerous bands and touring the country many times.  Around 2005 I was producing records for other groups and singer-songwriters.  This inevitably led to lots of co-writes and opportunities to help build artists’ careers from the ground up.

  • How did you learn your craft – was it “formal” or “informal” music education?

 I was taught guitar by my parents at a young age and took a handful of piano lessons.  I always learned by ear and gave up on the theory side of things.  When it came to producing, I just watched the producers I was working with from all my early years in bands.  A lot!  I skipped going to audio school and learned everything by trial and error.  

  • What is your fondest musical memory or favourite piece of music you’ve written?

A few years ago I had one of my songs cut by an artist from Hong Kong.  It was really interesting to hear my lyrics re-written in Cantonese and hear how the producers interpreted the sound and vibe of the tune.   So cool!

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Pro Member Interview – Jenn Grant

jenn grant - sm

Jenn Grant is a multi award-winning artist. Her latest record Paradise was
the third highest selling and streamed new album in Canada week of
release. Paradise is the follow up to her 2015 Compostela, which earned
Jenn two Juno nominations for both Songwriter as well as Contemporary
Album of the Year.

Below is our interview with Jenn Grant:

  • What inspires you to create music?

My inspiration comes from Discovery. Whether it’s music I hear from other bands or songwriters, going to see a live show, or having the opportunity to dig into dig into an album on our record player. If I didn’t have access to other people’s art I think I would still make music, but it would be a very different experience. Hearing music that I find exciting or moving in some way just makes me want to write until I get a similar kind of feeling. the potential to make something that will resonate with peoples hearts is what I am all about. 

  • Do you tend to write for one genre, or do you find your music crosses genre lines?

I don’t like to confine myself to genres. I never felt the need to be put into a certain box, and in that way I think it was hard for people to categorize me. But as an artist it has given me a real sense of freedom, and become part of my story. If music is good and authentic it’s worth exploring. For me music is often about taking artistic risks and I would really miss that element of the creative process if I felt confined to one genre. I do like to dip into elements of folk, pop, rock and country and I feel comfortable floating between all of those ‘genres’ to create my own type of sound. 

  • How did you learn your craft – was it “formal” or “informal” music education?

I started writing songs when I was a kid. From about age 8 onwards I would write songs in my diary and just sing them out loud by myself somewhere outside where and when I knew I’d be completely alone. I took a few guitar lessons at the age of 12 which really gave me a sense of freedom and discovery, however there wasn’t a lot of guitar training as the teacher liked my voice and kept asking me to sign Anne Murray songs as he played guitar. I eventually just learned the basic chords and did it on my own. I started writing lots of songs on the guitar but kept it hidden for a decade. I felt shy and nervous about it and that stage fright was a really daunting thing for me until I was ready to perform for an audience. 

I never had any formal education in music except for a few voice lessons, which was about vocal health, and not about style at all. My teacher knew I was concerned about losing my voice as I had pre vocal modules and we worked together for one year alongside an ENT Doctor to get me back in good health. I think every singer should learn about vocal health and the techniques to keep them singing without harm. 

I still want to take piano lessons as I’ve been writing a lot on the piano over the last few years, but formal teaching and schools never really worked for me. I have always been very eager to learn, and very visual, and have found my own path to being able to create without training. But I still have a lot to learn and someday maybe I’ll find the right teacher!

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10.28.18 - 10.30.18 (4)

Happy New Year Everyone! Here we have our first of many playlists for 2019. Ep. 4. New Year, New Playlist. This playlists consists of member submissions we had over the course of the last few months. Be sure to give it a listen and subscribe for updates!

You can check out our Spotify Channel “Songwriters Assoc. of Canada” Here.

You can stream Ep. 4. New Year, New Playlist Here.

The featured artists and songs are below:

Steph Copeland, Russel Louder – Who You Gotta Love

Performed by: Russell Louder, Steph Copeland

Written by: Steph Copeland

Source: Steph Copeland

Freek Van Workum, Steph Copeland – Little Boxes

Performed by: Freek Van Workum, Steph Copeland

Source: Datahead Publishing


Michelle Thibodeau – Easy Target

Performed by: Michelle Thibodeau

Written by: Michelle Day Thibodeau

Source: Michelle Thibodeau


Sound Activism – Gasoline, Gasoline (The World’s Aflame)

Performed by: Sound Activism

Written by: Franke James, Billiam James, Missy D

Source: The James Gang, Iconoclast Inc.


Billiam James – Akathisia (I Can’t Sit Still)

Performed by: Billiam James

Written by: Billiam James

Source: The James Gang, Iconoclasts Inc.


Michelle Creber, Baasik, Gabriel Brown – Getting Stronger

Performed by: Michelle Creber, Baasik, Gabriel Brown

Source: Creber, Brown & Co.


Sweet SantaFe – Just a Simple Thought

Performed by: Sweet SantaFe

Source: 698124 Records DK


Emma Lamontagne – I Don’t Sleep

Performed by: Emma Lamontagne

Written by: Emma Lamontagne, Robyn Dell’Unto

Source: Festival House Incorporated / Fontana North


Amir Brandon – Fallback

Performed by: Amir Brandon

Written by: Amir Brandon Zadegan, Rosanne Baker Thornley

Source: Amir Brandon


Justine Blanchet – Feelin’ Free

Performed by: Justine Blanchet

Written by: Jennifer Rae Camche

Source: Justine Blanchet


Justine Blanchet, Dean Young – Ready to Fly

Performed by: Justine Blanchet, Dean Young

Written by: Dean W Young, Jennifer Rae Camche, Justine Blanchet, Samuel Mendoza

Source: Justine Blanchet


Justine Blanchet – Sing Like No One’s Watching

Performed by: Justine Blanchet

Written by: Justine Blanchet, Samuel Mendoza

Source: Justine Blanchet


Justine Blanchet – Young Love

Performed by: Justine Blanchet

Written by: Jennifer Rae Camche, Justine Blanche, Terry Robert Fernihough

Source: Justine Blanchet


Specyal T – Lady Shame

Performed by: Specyal T

Written by: Specyal T

Source: Independent


Pat Reid – Still in Love with You

Performed by: Pat Reid

Written by: Patrick Gordon Anthony Reid

Source: Pat Reid


Sam Louis – So Long California

Performed by: Sam Louis

Written by: Sam Ligiliazza

Source: Flying Colours Music, Inc.


Nat Jay – Can’t Getcha Out

Performed by: Nat Jay

Source: Nat Jay


Tuesday Jam Band – Stars in Your Eyes

Performed by: Tuesday Jam Band

Written by: David R. Petrie, Geoffrey Vankeel Loucks, Robert E. L. Armitage

Source: Virginiavankleek Enterprise Inc.


Tuesday Jam Band – Glad You’re Here

Performed by: Tuesday Jam Band

Written by: David R. Petrie, Geoffrey Vankeel Loucks, Robert E. L. Armitage

Source: Virginiavankleek Enterprise Inc.


Stacey James – When It’s Not Right

Performed by: Stacey James

Source: Stacey James


The Young Novelists – Back to the Hard Times

Performed by: The Young Novelists

Written by: Graydon James

Source: The Young Novelists


The Young Novelists – Two of a Kind

Performed by: The Young Novelists

Written by: Graydon James

Source: The Young Novelists


Tommy Vixon – Fallen in Love Again (Remix) [Remastered]

Performed by: Tommy Vixon

Written by: Thomas John Hodgson

Source: Tommy Vixon


Dana Ben David – Signs (I Wish I Knew)

Performed by: Dana Ben David

Source: Dana Ben David


Dana Ben David – Wild Thoughts

Performed by: Dana Ben David

Source: Dana Ben David


Rebecca Lappa – Poison Rose

Performed by: Rebecca Lappa

Written by: Michael Hanson, Rebecca Lappa

Source: Radar Love Records


Katrina Bishop – Mr. Jealousy, Wanna Be, Rocket Launch, Giddy Up

Performed by: Katrina Bishop

Written by: Katrina Ann Bishop

Source: Grizelda Records


Justine Giles – I’m Done, Poppy

Performed by: Justine Giles

Written by: Justine Erin Giles

Source: Justine Giles

Lexxicon – Waistline

Performed by: Lexxicon

Written by: Angelo Robb

Source: Lexxicon


Katie Marti – Not a Love Song

Performed by: Katie Marti

Written by: Katherine A. Marti

Source: Katie Marti


Steve Sofferin – The Game

Performed by: Steve Sofferin

Written by: Steven Craig Sofferin

Source: Steve Sofferin


Angela Saini – Black Sheep

Performed by: Angela Saini

Written by: Angela Elizabeth Saini, Lori Ann Kelley

Source: Angela Saini


Sheila Soares – Our Kisses Melt the Snow

Performed by: Sheila Soares

Source: Independent


Sweet SantaFe – Just a Simple Thought

Performed by: Sweet SantaFe

Source: 698124 Records DK


Sarah Noni – For You

Performed by: Sarah Noni

Source: Independent


Joe Mathieu – Wisdom, Love me or Leave Me

Performed by: Joe Mathieu

Written by: Joseph Wayne Mathieu

Source: Joe Mathieu


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