Pro Member Interview – Tyler Shaw

Tyler Shaw - SM

Platinum-selling singer-songwriter Tyler Shaw’s sophomore album presents an all new Tyler to the world. Now 24, and newly engaged, his first single “Cautious,” with its darker, sexier Timberlake-style vibe, will be serviced to radio Jan. 26; the full album will follow in early fall.

Originally a small town boy from Coquitlam, BC, the Chinese-Canadian Shaw now calls Toronto home. He has earned national appeal with an incredible six singles off his 2015 full-length debut, ¬Yesterday. He also co-wrote all but one of the 13 songs, and several of them hit the top 10 at radio; most notably, the certified platinum track “Kiss Goodnight” and gold singles “House of Cards” and “Wicked.” 

Tyler’s new material was written and conceptualized in London, England, and recorded and produced in Toronto with Alex “Pilz” Vujic. Pilz, his long-time collaborator, co-wrote and produced three of the hit songs on Yesterday. 

New songs — co-written with Pilz and various collaborators for an album later in fall 2018— include the full sounds of “Help Me,” which deals with depression and isolation, and the haunting duet “Anybody Out There” featuring Toronto’s Amaal Nuux, about the lack of true human connection. The song “With You,” pens the love story between Tyler and his fiancé, and is brought to life with the help of Neil Ormandy (James Arthur). On all tracks, Tyler has assisted with production and plays electric, acoustic, and bass guitar. 

Tyler was always into creating original music. Influenced by his older brother, his first instrument was the drums at age six and piano was always in the house, because his mother played. Then, fatefully, he picked up guitar in his early teens and started playing and writing songs for himself. 

In 2012, after winning a national singing contest, Tyler penned a singles deal with Sony Music Entertainment Canada. In 2014, he was recognized by the music industry with a JUNO Award nomination for ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year.’ Then came gold single “House of Cards” in 2015, followed by Yesterday in September of that year. With all this success, Tyler was flown between Toronto and Los Angeles to record a debut album, working with many top writers and producers. During these formative years as a young man, combined with the pressures of a recording deal, he struggled to find his authentic artistry and develop as an artist. 

“I was looking for guidance and direction because I was so new in the industry when I first started, but now I have a way better understanding of how everything works and of how to guide the art. My art,” Tyler says. “This is my career, my music, my platform. I felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously. I had an eye opening a year and half, and was like ‘if it feels right to me, then it’s right.’” 

Since the debut of Yesterday, Tyler has been busy with big events such as, hosting and headlining We Day events nationwide, performing for HRH Prince Harry and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Invictus Games launch in Toronto, and starring as lead actor in a feature film The Meaning of Life, which premiered in summer 2017. He has opened for massive artists such as Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara, as well as toured with Selena Gomez. 

With a refined perspective and approach towards his music, Tyler is now prepared to present his most authentic self with his sophomore album. A compilation of classic pop songs, introspective ballads and contemporary production, this artist now has a sound he identifies with and asserts is truly him.

Below is our interview with Tyler!

  • What inspires you to create music?

 Everything. People watching, noises on the street, my mind in constantly creating melodies, rythyms and chord progressions.

  • Do you have a process to your songwriting or when creating music?

Do what feels right.

  • Do you write for other recording/performing artists?

Yes and I love lending my artistic style to others. I wish i could do it more actually!

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Pro Member Interview – Luke McMaster

Luke McMaster - SM.png

Formerly one half of Gold selling Canadian duo McMaster & James, Luke McMaster cut his teeth on some of the biggest acts of the day, including sharing the stage with Randy Bachman, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and more.  An in-demand songwriter with multiple credits and collaborations with such global superstars as Rihanna and soul music icons like Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals, Luke’s first love has always been singing, performing and connecting with his audience.  

In the early spring 2016, Luke released his sophomore album TRENDING. A modern collection of original tracks inspired by classic soul and early Motown, in the vein of throwback artists like Michael Bublé and neo-soul group, Maroon 5.  

Luke is currently working on his next project ICONS OF SOUL which features co-writes with some of the most celebrated songwriters of the early soul era including Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals and Lamont Dozier who has over 80 top 10 hits to his name, including 13 in a row for the Supremes.  To find out more about ICONS OF SOUL, follow Luke on facebook and instagram or you can follow the project development on Luke’s ICONS OF SOUL blog. Below is our interview with Luke McMaster.


  • What inspires you to create music?

A love of the craft of songwriting. The high you get from creating something that didn’t previously exist out of thin air. Music is a universal language and it’s incredibly satisfying to share, communicate and hopefully elevate.

  • Do you have any musical influences who have influenced your style, or who you give a “nod” to whenever possible?

Legends of Motown like Lamont Dozier. They created the fabric of pop music from early blues and gospel and transformed it in a way that is sometimes taken for granted.

  • If you could collaborate with any other music creator, who would that be?

Stevie Wonder.

  • Do you have any advice for upcoming songwriters and creators who are looking to break further into the creative scene?

Create your own opportunities. Don’t wait for the industry to find you, be creative not just with your music but with the projects that will drive your music.

  • If the music community could do one thing better what would it be?

Further what SAC is working on. Become more unified.


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Spotify: Ep. 2. Toronto.

10.28.18 - 10.30.18 (1)

Back at it with another Spotify playlist! For Episode 2 of our series we’re showcasing members that recently attended our Toronto Pro SongWorks Camp. We can’t wait for you to hear the songs featured below. Don’t forget to check back regularly and hit that follow button on Spotify to keep up-to-date with everything.

To hear Episode 2, click here.

The featured songs and artists are listed below:


Cassie DaSilva – Welcome to My Castle

Performed by: Cassie Dasilva

Written by: Cassandra Dasilva, Fintan O’Brien, Ian Alexander Smith

Produced by: Michael Wise


Andrew Allen – Loving You Tonight

Performed by: Andrew Allen

Written by: Andrew Allen, Robin Ghosh

Produced by: Ryan Stewart


Andrew Allen – What You Wanted

Performed by: Andrew Allen

Written by: Andrew Allen, Ryan Stewart

Produced by: Ryan Stewart


Shawnee – Mirror Me

Written by: Shawnee, Justin Forsley

Produced by: Shawnee, Justin Forsley
Shawnee – Warrior Heart

Written by: Shawnee

Produced by: Tim Thorney, Shawnee


Candice Sand – Just So You Know

Written by: Candice Sand, Rob Wells, Naomi Shobha

Produced by: Rob Wells


Candice Sand, JRDN – Go On

Written by: Candice Sand, Bobby Gerongco, Sammy Gerongco, Terrence Lamb, James Smith

Produced by: Kuya Productions INC Team


Toito – Lights On

Performed by: Toito

Written by: David Awkright, Justin Toito, Ryan Cranston

Produced by: Ryan Cranston, Justin Toito, David Awkright


Kiki Rowe – Trust Issues

Performed by: Kiki Rowe

Written by: Dijon McFarlane, Keandra Lal

Produced by: Mustard, Yung Billy


Kiki Rowe – Enough

Performed by: Kiki Rowe

Written by: Darius Logan, Dominique Logan, Keandra Lal, Lisa Scinta, Paloma Ford

Produced by: Blaq Tuxedo



Kiki Rowe – Use You

Performed by: Kiki Rowe

Written by: Keandra Shan Lal, Martin Alexander Pitt

Produced by: Pitt Tha Kid


Steve Kroeger, Skye Holland – Coastline

Performed by: Steve Kroeger, Skye Holland

Written by: Sophia Mock, Steve Kroeger

Produced by: Steve Kroeger


Steve Kroeger – Wasted

Performed by: Steve Kroeger

Written by: Steve Kroeger, Sophia Mock

Produced by: Steve Kroeger


Cassie DaSilva – Rough Cut

Performed by: Cassie Dasilva

Written by: Cassandra Dasilva, Laurell Barker, Ryan Stewart

Produced by: Michael Wise

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