How to Choose the Right Equipment for Home Recording

How to Choose the Right Equipment for Home Recording

By Cassandra Largo


Photo by John Hult on Unsplash


Home recording as a beginner songwriter can be a daunting prospect. You may be a master lyricist, but when you want to produce a record, you will have to get your head around complicated recording equipment. This can put writers off taking a concept and turning it into a finished product. However, there is plenty of help available for those just starting out. With the right tips, you’ll have a professional quality home studio in no time. Read on to find out how to get started with choosing the right equipment.

Keep It Simple

With professional recording studios in decline and the cost of home equipment coming down, it is a better time than any to create a home studio. If you wish to have unlimited access to your own personal recording space, then building your own is a great idea. However, the most important thing when starting out is to not do too much too quickly.

In order to make the investment worth it, keep everything as simple as possible. You want to be putting in the minimum time and effort. Otherwise, you will likely become overwhelmed and feel discouraged. Start with the basic necessities, then you can experiment with more complicated equipment as you build confidence and experience.


The computer will probably be the most expensive piece of equipment used in the recording process. If you are aiming to make recording as quick and easy as possible, then you want a powerful laptop, such as the latest Macbook.

However, most people already have laptops which are powerful enough for beginner recording artists. If you already have a decent laptop running off Intel Core i3 or higher, then this is probably all you need. Don’t buy a new laptop just yet, but instead invest that money in other equipment.

Digital Audio Workstation

After a laptop, your most important piece of equipment will be the digital audio workstation (DAW). A DAW is the system used for recording and editing audio. Getting the cheapest equipment will lead to poor quality, but you can save money by getting a DAW and audio interface combo. An audio interface for home studio recording is the hardware which connects your recording gear to your computer. By getting these two items combined, you’ll save both time and cash.

Once you have these two expensive items, you can purchase a microphone and whatever else is needed regarding the instruments you are using. Remember, keep it as simple as possible. Ease yourself into the process, while reminding yourself that every musician finds this process complicated and confusing. By taking baby steps, you’ll eventually be recording professional quality music from your own home.

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