Canadians open for Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame Award Induction Ceremony at the 12th Annual Austin Songwriters Symposium.

(from Left-Right) Bob McKitrick. Jordan Paul, Ron Beer, Denis Bastarache, Francine Leclair, Lisa Birt, Kait Howard



The Austin Songwriters Group (ASG) and the Texas Songwriters Association hold an Annual Symposium yearly, in fact, this year saw its 12th symposium. The ASG have recognized Canadian talent and organize a showcase of Canadian music. Canadians have always been given a big Texan welcome and this year the Canadian Showcase was placed on the first night opening for the Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame Awards Induction Ceremony. The showcase followed an “In The Round” format with Ron Beer finishing the showcase off with a full band, a mix of Canadian and Texan artists.
The showcase was then followed by 3 days of pitch session opportunities with the music industry’s top Nashville and LA publishers looking for songs and songwriters. In addition to meeting with publishers, other songwriters and music industry professionals, there were songwriting workshops, panels with music industry professionals and other songwriters, concerts, showcases, and late night pickin’ circles. Ron Beer is the organizer of the Canadian Showcase and showcase participants were selected through the Empty Chairs campaign that was put on by the S.A.C.


For more information on next years symposium, see


Written by Francine Leclair

Leamington Regional Writer’s Group co-ordinator

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