S.A.C. Challenge – Week 6 – Choice No. 2 – Issued by Vincent Degiorgio – Write a Holiday Hit

Vince DegiorgioVincent Degiorgio is a multi million selling songwriter who owns and operates Chapter 2 Productions.

His global reach and career has included many facets, from writing for European superstar Caro Emerald to being the man who signed N Sync in America. He continues to write for artists around the world, with dozens of gold and platinum records to show for his work for artists ranging from Japanese pop stars Lead to Canadians Meaghan Smith and Julie Crochitiere. His Cymba Music Publishing company houses hitmakers like Aileen de la Cruz, Ian Smith, Davor Vulama and his newest signing, Edmonton’s Olivia Wik.

Here is Vince’s songwriting challenge:

Write the next great holiday song.

The timing is perfect for your quest to deliver the next great Christmas song, or one to be celebrated during the holidays. Aside one new song on the globally loved Michael Buble Christmas album, new songs that have transcend the holidays are few and far between. Songs that challenge the system like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” and N Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” are few and far between. Your challenge is to lyrically and melodically enter the creative stratosphere of great songs like “The Christmas Song”, a timeless masterpiece, and songs like “Let It Snow”, both of which were written in a California heatwave. While the former speaks of the setting of the perfect Christmas, the latter evokes all of the settings of a holiday celebration without mentioning Christmas itself.  Remember, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” was a fisherman’s lament. What I am looking for is a song of any tempo in any style, that speaks of your personal imagery and memories of the holiday season. Pour yourself into the idea that you do not have to be culturally specific, but you do have to deliver the message what this December past time means to you. Songs should be no longer than 3:30 long.

Many of the most beloved holiday classics were once written for movies. Use that imagery when you write your song. Rather than be jealous of yet another cover version of “White Christmas”, change the landscape for me and anyone listening with your song. 

When I was the A&R person for N Sync, I put together an album I am very proud of for five great singers. It was tailored after the Johnny Mathis album “Merry Christmas” – to provide a timeless, or timely representation of the talent at the time. Today, one is considered “The King Of Pop”. The other a timeless icon, who is the undisputed king of holiday albums.

Show me your talent with your song. Because for music supervisors and publishers, the holiday season for movies actually starts in April, not November. 

Good luck,
Vince Degiorgio

Please submit the following by Monday, March 23, 11:59 EST.
1.  Link to a blog post about your experience with this challenge.
2.  Link to your song (preferably on SoundCloud) with lyrics posted in SoundCloud.
Comments posted by people who have not registered for the Challenge will be deleted.

47 thoughts on “S.A.C. Challenge – Week 6 – Choice No. 2 – Issued by Vincent Degiorgio – Write a Holiday Hit

  1. Paul Mason

    I am technologically handicapped, and although I have managed to purchase and install a website, getting a blog to happen is proving elusive. Is there not another venue I can use to get my Holiday Hit to Vincent Degiorgio? I have it in mp3 form. Thanks

    Paul Mason


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  3. Although I’m not officially taking part in the S.A.C. challenge, I am a member of S.A.C. and I did sign up for the challenge. Unfortunately, I didn’t get beyond the waiting list.

    Because so few people took up the Holiday song challenge, I’ve taken the liberty of posting this one.

    If you are really looking for a timeless holiday hit, please have a listen. When Tim Tamashiro gave “I’m Still Waiting for Christmas” its national radio debut on CBC’s “Tonic” this past December, he said it was destined to become a Christmas classic.

    Thank you!

    Click, hear –> https://soundcloud.com/samsamba/im-still-waiting-for-christmas

    Blog post –> https://www.facebook.com/notes/steven-hardy/sac-challenge-week-6-choice-no-2-issued-by-vincent-degiorgio-write-a-holiday-hit/10153192211461000


    1. Here’s anouther blog about collaborating this week with Shira Katz, thanks Shira! https://laurajburnsloveletterstogod.wordpress.com/?p=54&preview=true&preview_id=54 this is the arrangement she did of my Christmas song: https://soundcloud.com/sherashakera/christmas-eve-instrumental-by-shira-katz-for-laura-burns and this is the vocal I did for her Christmas song:https://soundcloud.com/laura-j-burns/shira-katz-christmas-land-2


  4. Dear Mr. Vincent Degiorgio: Thank you for your time. I hope this song bring you peace at holiday time and throughout the year. My dream is that it will really resonate with people who can’t be anywhere except in Christmas Land in their dreams at Christmas time (e.g those listening to Carolers in hospital settings). Thank you for your time, thank you SAC, thank you to James Linderman and Debra Alexander, our mentors. Thank you Ms. Laura Burns for singing& for vocal interpretation!
    Here is Christmas Land by Shira Katz (vox Laura Burns)

    My blog:


  5. Look at that…not even 6 pm and I’m done – well, as done as I have time for. I would have liked to have cleaned this one up a bit more and added some bells, given that it is a Christmas song called Hear the Bells, but I think it still shows improvement in my recording skills. I’m slowly learning, and that can only be good!

    Winter hath returneth after we were teased with a taste of spring, so a Christmas song is oddly fitting this week…




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  7. Thanks for listening….Merry Christmas !! : )

    Song link :
    Little Christmas for two :
    Blog link :

    Lyrics :

    Christmas for two

    Christmas is coming
    and people are runnin
    round so much to do
    The kids can’t wait for Christmas day
    and I can’t wait to get home to you

    This time of year
    you need to be near
    the ones you love
    I guess everyday’s Christmas
    for me
    cause its just
    you I’m always thinking of

    I’m out here in the Christmas crowds and
    how can one among a thousand
    still feel alone
    everybody’s going somewhere
    with bags and parcels people on they’re
    way back home

    the world can go about it’s business
    without me and you
    while we have our little Christmas
    for two

    Salvation Army bells are ringing
    the reason for the season being
    one child’s birth
    they’re singing songs of hope and glory
    Wise men and the Christmas story
    and peace on earth

    The world can go on about it’s business
    without me and you
    while we have our little Christmas
    for two


  8. “I Want To Wish You All A Merry Christmas” is my entry for this weeks challenge and let me tell you that it was a challenge with all of the “LIFE” that was happening this past week. SO the song is somewhat complete as far as a song frame work is concerned but is not nearly up to my usual completion and production levels I expect from myself. But with that said here is the version in its pitch-able state https://soundcloud.com/patrick-canavan/i-want-to-wish-you-all-a-merry/s-vPO2N
    You can read more about it here http://www.patcanavan.com/blog


  9. Thank you so much for entering my challenge. I have to say I’m overwhelmed and thankful that so many of you entered and embraced this opportunity. Some of the music I listened to was fantastic. I’m sorry to have kept everyone waiting for my thoughts on the entries and I hope those who delivered a song to my challenge will continue in search of that elusive holiday hit.


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