Who Wrote a Pop Hit? – Week 2 Challenge Feedback by Rob Wells

Rob-WellsBased on Hit Songwriter/Producer Rob Well’s songwriting challenge issued in Week 2 – over 100 tracks were submitted and vetted by our coaches to a handful submitted to Rob himself for feedback.  

Braeden Mitchell – Music on my Body
Rob’s Feedback
Hey Braeden – great job on this song – very catchy with lots of hooks.  My two comments would be that it’s a little sexual… there’s always a fine line as to how far you can go… it just feels a little out of the age range I’m going for.  Second comment is that the chorus should introduce something else other than “Music on my body”… lines 1, 2, and 4 are great for that, but line 3 should have something new introduced with a catchy melody.  Other than that, this is a great song and a great performance from you!  Looking forward to hearing more…. thank you, Rob.

Kathryn Berry – Kiss my Lips
Rob’s Feedback
I really really like this!  Great job!  I can hear this with killer production already – you’ve really painted a great picture of youth and young love.  My only comment is that the 2nd verse is a little awkwardly written.  The part where you’re alone again… could be better… feels a little sad… maybe work on that part to make it 100%!  Other than that, great work!!!

Katy Carswell – Should Have Known
Rob’s Feedback
WOW… blown away… great song… great voice… great vibe… EXACTLY what I’m looking for.  I want to hear more of what you have!  I’d go to town on the production on this song… it’s a winner!

Tea Petrovic – Couldn’t Let You Walk Away
Rob’s Feedback
Ummmmm…. holy crap!  I LOVE THIS SONG.  Great job on all aspects!!!  This is a great great song and I’d love to hear it fully produced.  Wow… kinda blown away!  Sorry that I have no comments to make this song any better, because it’s already perfect.

Bernadette Saquibal – Life Education
Rob’s Feedback
Hey Bernadette – thank you for submitting this song – I think this song has amazing legs in a Synch setting… meaning I think this would go great on a show like Degrassi or any other Nickelodeon type show… maybe even a younger kids movie… something that goes along with a story line.  Is it a global universal smash?  I don’t think so, because, it’s very specifically about being in school, and the frustration of being there.  Will a 40 year old office worker be able to get into this song?  Probably not… the trick is to write something that is great for a 15 year old girl to associate with, but also make it so that the entire population will be able to get into it as well… hope that makes sense??  Thank you for sending!!!  I would LOVE to hear more!  Sincerely, Rob.

Gordon Wong –  Sour Taste
Rob’s Feedback
Hey Gordon – cool song!!  I think it’s got a really unique vibe – I have a couple of comments – I think the 2nd half of Verse1 should be the 1st half… switch them around to make it stronger.  Also, the chorus doesn’t hit me as hard as it should… think Gwen Stefani for the chorus… maybe take the words you have and the same timing, but rather than singing the words, why not chant/shout them out a la “Hollaback Girl” – but then sing the 4th line.  So, three lines chant, 4th line sung.  I love how this song just sits nicely on the border of edgy… it’s a great place to ride in this vibe that we’re going for.  Great job!  Let me know if you do more with it!  Thanks, Rob

And the winner is…
It’s a tie between Katy Carswell and Tea Petrovic.  Those submissions have BLOWN ME AWAY!!!

Please do not be discouraged if your song was not listed.  Our Challenge Mentors are extremely busy and cannot provide feedback on all tunes submitted – which is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of your songwriting.