The Challenge – Week 5 – Trusting the subconscious

Are you ready for Week 5?  Only 2 more challenges to go.  This week we will explore trusting the subconscious.

Every writer has had the experience of coming up with a good idea and having no idea where it came from. We might try to recapture the magic by wearing the lucky t-shirt or using the magic pen, but is there a way to tap into that vast reservoir of ideas that live below the surface of the conscious? You can try stream-of-consciousness writing where you write, without stopping, judging or editing until you run out of ideas or your hand gets tired.

This week’s challenge:
Watch the video below.  Then, for the next five days, spend at least 10 minutes (or until your hands get tired) writing from your stream of consciousness.  At the end of the week, review what you have written and look for at least 5 ideas that could become songs.  Choose one to bring to fruition.

Deadline:  Tuesday, March 25
Please post the following:
1.  The theme you chose to write about.
2.  Your blog link.
3.  Your SoundCloud Link.


42 thoughts on “The Challenge – Week 5 – Trusting the subconscious

  1. Hi lovely people, calling out to all you earth worms:

    My theme this week is self-doubt!

    I hope you enjoy my song:


    My blog:

    My song:

    Feedback is always supremely appreciated!

    Now go and knock your brains out with more fabulous songwriting ideas!

    Special thank you to Mr. Christopher Ward, for sharing your expertise with us.

    I loved combining this week’s “stream-of-consciousness” writing exercises with all of the other, hands-on lessons I have learned.

    Peace/luv from:
    Shera Shakera


  2. 1 min

    Wow. This week was CRAZY! I got married on Saturday and we’ve had guests from back east staying with us. I wasn’t sure if I could get this in on time but I did it! I didn’t have time to multi-track, although recording it live probably turned out to be more difficult. Still raw, still new, just ‘finished’ this afternoon. I’m looking forward to revisiting it when I am not a basket-case – lol. Now for a glass of wine…or several….


    Blog post:


  3. Roy Sunstrum

    I was almost finished this yesterday but had a few lyrics that just weren’t working. The light of a new day can bring new clarity. Bob Dylan they aren’t but better now……

    This song is about parenting. I have 4 of the most amazing kids aged 27, 24, 20, and 14 and we’re blessed with how little trouble they’ve given us. The song is called ‘When Our Kids Become our Friends’. Please have a listen.

    Here is he song…

    Here also is my blog entry…


  4. Hey everyone! I find I write a lot of songs from stream of consciousness, so it was fun to take this idea and roll with it. I’m still working on the title of the song though… maybe you have an idea for one? Let me know.

    Here’s the blog:

    Here’s the soundcloud:

    1 more week left!! 😀


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