And the winner is…(Songwriting Course and Blogging Challenge)

northeastonSeveral weeks ago over 50 S.A.C. members signed on, not only to complete Berklee Professor Pat Pattison‘s online songwriting course offered by Coursera, but also to blog about their experience in the 2013 S.A.C. Songwriting Course & Blogging Challenge.  From the get go, the private Facebook group was a flurry of activity as people shared song snippets, inspiration and things they had learned from Pat.

Fast forward several weeks later, and not everyone made it to the finish line.  The course proved more intense than many people anticipated.  But everyone benefited from participating.  Unbeknownst to participants, a winner was selected to receive a FREE ONE YEAR S.A.C. MEMBERSHIP to be added to their existing membership.

It was difficult to choose because, those who did make it to the end, really put their heart and soul into the process.  In the end, North Easton was selected for his display of inventiveness, creativity, and personality.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting highlight blogs from each week, to give you an example of what people were learning along the way.

In the mean time, CONGRATULATIONS to North Easton.  And congratulations to all who took part and walked away with a new set of songwriting tools and skills.  Here is North Easton’s final song submission:

Special thanks to Debra Alexander for helping us to blog about the course along with facilitating the online discussion.  And here are some tracks from other participants that made it to the finish line. ENJOY!

Ember Swift


Ross Douglas

Michael Holland

Dawn Schumilas

Jennifer Potter

7 thoughts on “And the winner is…(Songwriting Course and Blogging Challenge)

  1. Congrats to North and all who finished the course. It was a slog! I managed the videos only. Too much life going on. Those of you who looked after life and finished the course have my respect!


  2. Congratulations, North, you thoroughly earned this and it couldn’t happen to a nicer songwriter and artist. What a great pleasure to get to know your songs (and all the great videos) from being on this course with you. Your commitment to songwriting is an inspiration to us all. Congratulations to all the other folk who took this awesome course, and thanks to the SAC, and to Debra A and Lily C for everything they did to encourage us all and facilitate the adventure. Thanks to Pat Pattison for inspiring me to write fearlessly and teaching me so much so quickly and so thoroughly. I hope I did write fearlessly on the course, and I hope I will always continue to do so. Respect and love to one and all. Keep on writing!


  3. HI Fellow SAC song geniuses – I had a blast with this course. I managed to get through it all, and enjoyed the interaction on the forums a ton. I didnt even know what soundcloud was before I got started on the course. Its just amazing that this kind of learning opportunity is out there!! Keep up the inspirational work guys.


  4. Absolutely Honoured. Thank you S.A.C. and everyone here. Pat put on a great course and this truly was an amazing experience. I said it before, and I will say it again here…The interacting with all of you over the 6 week course was my favourite part of it all. I learned so much from each of your songs, blogs, comments. Looking forward to the year ahead and the songs that will blossom from new experiences. You all inspire me…and what a comfort it is knowing so many great songwriters are there to lend an ear or a different perspective on something. Please stay in contact, as I will as well. All the best and enjoy your summers!


  5. This course was so much fun! Really enjoyed learning with all of you! Congratulations North. I’m looking forward to continuing to lean from and be entertained by your blogs and songs. Thanks Debra for all your encouragement and attention to detail to make the SCA facebook group run so smoothly.


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