The Adventure of Prosody – Week 2 – Challenge 2013

by Debra Alexander

Week One is nearly water under the bridge, and S.A.C. Bloggers are now swimming in the currents of prosody with Pat Pattison, as he guides us through his free Songwriting Course. It’s not too late to register through Coursera as long as class is still in session, and we’ve got 5 whole weeks to go. Catch up with the details here:S.A.C. Community Songwriting & Blogging Challenge.

Prosody, in simple terms, is how everything works together in the words and music you write to express the central emotion, idea, and purpose of your song. You can make choices in how you communicate that reinforce your ideas and deliver your messages more effectively. Elements like melody, harmony, tone of voice, and harmonic rhythm combine to create unity, and these are just a few of the areas that a conscientious songwriter makes decisions about.

Pat argues that the most effective vehicles for expressing prosody in a lyric revolve around terms of stability and instability. He explains how the number of lines and the length of lines contribute to create emotion. An even number of lines feels stable, resolved, and balanced; an odd number of lines feels unstable, incomplete, and unbalanced. Number and length of lines can also be manipulated to spotlight important ideas, stop or create motion, and create contrast between song sections.

So bloggers, pull up the chair of your choice, sit square or on the edge of your seat, and please post the following for Week Two:

1.  The idea you chose for a verse with an unstable structure, and the idea you chose for a chorus with a stable structure.
2.  The URL to your Week 2 blog. (NOTE:  please post the exact URL to the entry and not just the general URL to your blog.)


22 thoughts on “The Adventure of Prosody – Week 2 – Challenge 2013

  1. Woops, I forgot the first part of the blog post assignment. Idea for unstable verse: girl is getting high. Idea for stable chorus: She is letting go of her masked self and becomes who she wants to be.


    This is a link to my Lesson two
    Blog: The song title I chose for both my unstable verse and stable chorus was a modern country flavored song called after All this time The song is a story about a a person a long time love realtionship finally giving up trying to hold it together and letting the other person know he or she (I use He) was never fooled just hopful things would change. They had not nso he finally lets it all out says I have always known you were telling me lies ,but now I realize you really never loved me and the only choice I have to save my sanity is to leave. good bye I have to go. ( Just a Story I have a great wife of 30 years lol)


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