My moment will come! A songwriter muses on his journey of perseverance

Gary P, the Songwriters Association of Canada‘s current Featured Member, share some critical steps he has made in preparation for the moment he is waiting for.

In Gary’s Words…

I think back on my ongoing pursuit of a career in music and I remember that I have actually sacrificed and achieved more than I thought so far. I quit my 2nd year of a 4 year University course for Computer Science and had I continued I’d be a 4 time millionaire! It was “day 1” for computer design in 84. I chose to go to Musicians Institute in LA and worked for a year as  bartender to save up my rent and tuition. Fate stepped in and after applying I was awarded the Lenny Breau Memorial Scholarship to MI/GIT which covered my tuition for the year.

At that point even my sceptical musical father said: ” Well you ARE extra talented. Go for it and good luck son.”

We all beat ourselves up as we go through the ups and downs of a musical pursuit but we need to remember we do it because we LOVE music whether it be performing, writing or recording. I happen to love all three. It occurred to me after the recent release of my 2nd album as a singer/songwriter that yes I’m an independent artist swimming in a pool of millions of fishies and do not have a deal or a song placed / published but “Holy crap: I have an Album on Itunes, My 1st single is on the International Acoustic Music Awards compilation CD with the Trews in the US, I’m the featured artist on the SAC web homepage and my Album release concert is 2 months away where I will front my OWN band doing all my own music.” WOW. I have actually achieved more than I realized!

There are days I wish fame and fortune would scoop me up in its whirlwind! There are days I hear one of my own songs and tear up with pride that I am so blessed. There are days that I wonder why bother because success will never find me at this age. Then I write a new song thats stronger than my last. I smile at my accomplishments so far and I pat my own back for all the hard work I have done. I think of all the artists who have quit or had to quit due to life circumstances or choices and I’m so grateful to be an active independent recording artist!

David Francey reminded me at a songwriters seminar that success can come any time. Stick with your passion and keep writing and writing and writing. I support my passion / music career with a full time job and dream of becoming a full time singer songwriter more than anything.

I cannot imagine my life without music and will continue to grow as an artist. Should success come my way I will remind myself that Lady Luck had her way with me but I also pursued her my whole life. I will thank her with all my heart at the Junos for holding my hand along the way but allowing me to work toward my own destiny with my own vision, originality and love for my art. As I dream of success I thank my lucky stars for all the great gifts I have achieved so far.

For all of us who write and work and work and write….. Keep at it!  Our time will come.

Click Here to visit Gary P’s Songwriters’ Profile.

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