You are WORTH IT. Believe me. And believe yourself.

In 2010 Arlene Paculan released her debut EP “I’m Worth It,” the realization of many years of honing her craft and believing in the value of what she has to contribute.  She wants you to believe in yourself too!  Songwriters, and many creative souls in general, are often tortured by voices of self doubt and condemnation.  Arlene’s guest blog is like a vitamin against those voices.

In Arlene’s Words…

As an artist, and in this case, a songwriter, it’s important to remember why we create music.

Is it a way for you to express emotions?
Do you use song writing as an outlet to share your deepest secrets?
Are you hoping to strike a deal with your favourite Canadian singer?

For me, I write songs because I want to share stories and melodies with the world while encouraging others to create any form of art to express themselves.

Along with creating comes your worst critic.
Am I right?

Of course we’re going to come across other people who may shrug off our music or put down our dreams, but that’s easy to ignore. If you find that the loudest voice in your head is doing the same, please stop and believe that you are worth it – you are worth all that you are giving into the music you are creating. You deserve a spot in the music world to showcase and express those lines that you wrote in your little notebook you carry around with you. You are worthy of sharing your melodies and tunes with those around you that support your craft.

Ultimately, if you don’t believe in your work, no one else will.

And if you come across someone who would rather put down their own work than to praise it, they probably need to hear some praising from you – if you truly mean it, of course!
I am a firm believer of ‘the only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself’ so if you find that your music isn’t bringing you where you want to go, get out of your house and perform it at an open mic. Book a venue and gather your friends to perform with you and share your talent.
The world is craving for your music.

I am excited for all those members and soon-to-be members of the S.A.C. and their success!!

Love your fan, Arlene Paculan 🙂

Click here to visit Arlene’s Songwriter Profile.

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