It’s a Youtube Universe! – The Challenge Week 5

Get your YouTube face on! Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons License by Yu-Ta Lee

Once upon a time, people had to travel somewhere to see you play music live.  Although one could argue that YouTube is still distinctly different from watching a show in person, gone are the days when a shroud of mystery enveloped artists until you were able to see them on television or at a show.  These days, having a presence on YouTube is a given and not a bonus part of your social media marketing plan.

Here are some interesting stats (provided by YouTube):

  • 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day
  • Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day
  • Users upload the equivalent of 240,000 full-length films every week
  • More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years
  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 25 countries across 43 languages
  • YouTube’s demographic is broad: 18-54 years old
  • YouTube reached over 700 billion playbacks in 2010
  • 800M unique users visit YouTube each month

Clearly, anyone who wants to connect with people through their music wants to be a part of this explosive kinetic activity.  While some may passively view YouTube videos, like any another TV channel, in fact, YouTube is very social.  Much of the traffic on YouTube is driven by sharing.  In addition, rating and commenting have become an integral part of the YouTube experience.

So, this week, participants of the Songwriters Association of Canada’s Canadian Songwriters Social Media Challenge (based on the book, “Music Success in 9 Weeks,” by Ariel Hyatt), are putting their best YouTube face forward by building or tweaking their YouTube Channels.

We’ll see YOU on YouTube!

Here are some highlight videos from our participants!

Instructions for Challenge Takers living on the edge:

1.  Link to your blog entry for the week. (exact URL)
2.  Link to your YouTube Channel.
3.  Link to a YouTube video created specifically for this week.

26 thoughts on “It’s a Youtube Universe! – The Challenge Week 5

  1. smokinjoewiseman

    Great Lindsay – the “letting people in” idea is really insightful. What a way to say it! I’ve been to St pete’s Beach a number of times and loved it!


  2. Hallo fellow bloggers and other friends of independent music! Here’s what I’ve been up to in Week 5 of the challenge:

    Blog post: “Music Videos Are Not Dead! They’ve Just Gone North For The Winter.”

    My youtube channel:
    (Yes, I know the user name isn’t great. Any advice on how to change it to my name is welcome!)

    The launch of my Homemade Music Video Project: “Little Grey Sparrow”


  3. A little behind for posting week 5 because I was working on a little project, so to speak. I already have a youtube channel so I thought I would do something fun. I posted on my facebook page, twitter and in my fan email asking my friends and fans to ask questions about things they would like to know about me. And, I said I would answer their questions in a form of a song. I finally got it done and here it is!


  4. Patience….

    If anyone remembers the blog photo I used in mid January, you will remember I attached a photo of the word, “Patience”. Seems I need to take heed to my own words these days. In the midst of changing my website to and updating it to a new system with Hostbaby, all of my blog entries for the contest were lost. I changed from to and all of my info was supposed to be transferred over. Most of it was, except for the blogs! They are trying to retrieve them and hopefully I can have the new URLs up for the past 6 weeks posted again before the end of the contest. AHHHHHH!

    And now, I see that I missed a week of the YouTube entry (Week 5) and am now posting it a bit late…better later than never. I already had a YouTube channel, but just last week, I went back and updated it in terms of colour/matching my website, and adding a link to Itunes in the description to hopefully sell some tracks.

    Here is my channel name/link:

    Here is a video of a tune I updated this week with a new link to Itunes:


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