Building Your Website – The Challenge – Week 3

Things are about to get intense with the Canadian Songwriters Social Media Challenge.  The past 2 weeks have been a warm-up with goal-setting and crafting a pitch.  Now, participants will be getting their hands dirty as they work towards crafting a website.  Once upon a time, artists without label distribution were pretty much non-existent to the listening population.  But now, with online tools, every songwriter can create their own cozy corner of the world wide web.

The build-up to this task has been perfect, as songwriters will want to align their online entities with their goals and pitch.  What do you want people to know about you?  A visit to your URL should be the gateway to engaging with you and your music.

If you’re still in the process of crafting your pitch.  Perhaps watching these videos may inspire you:

Now, fellow challenge participants, please post the following:

1.  Your URL.
2.  Link to your Week 3 Blog entry (again, please post the unique URL to the entry and not the general website address).

37 thoughts on “Building Your Website – The Challenge – Week 3

  1. Still working on my pitch… at least, I think I have the wording down. Just have to put it out there now.

    “Jinral Tao is… Gospel Roots. R&B core. Big on harmonies.”
    As for lyrical content, I seem to be stuck on love/relationships. It’s all I know about.

    1. Website URL:
    2. Week 3 Blog Entry:

    By the end of this contest, one of my goals is to interact with each one in this social media challenge at least once. I’m interested in hearing what you guys got going on.

    I recall seeing somewhere that luck is defined as… “when preparation meets opportunity”. If that’s the case, we all got our work cut out for us. Wishing you all the very best.


    1. Hey Jinral… I tried to read your Tumblr blog but it said “access denied”. Did you have it set for public viewing or just private? And I didn’t see a link to it on your website either… sad that I couldn’t read it! Let me know what’s up!


  2. Hello everyone,

    It’s been great to follow your progress, Ariel’s book is one of my absolute favourite music business books out there!

    If any of you are trying out Bandzoogle for your website, don’t forget you can use the promo code “9weeks” to get an extended free trial, or just use this link:

    And if you ever have any questions, or need help with your site, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly: dcool[at]



    Dave Cool
    (Yes, that’s my real name)
    Community Manager


  3. Hey everyone! We are getting into this, and I can tell it’s a fantastic growing and stretching opportunity for me as an artist, and as the businesswoman marketing my product!

    Here’s my website, and the link to my blog, which contains a ton of links to my other pages. This week challenged me to make them all more cohesive and Social Media friendly!

    My URL:
    My Blog Post:


  4. Antonio Delgado

    Hello Shelley Dubois,

    I really enjoyed the songs you sang and the songs you wrote especially the second song. I really liked your pitch also. Best of luck in the near future.

    Regards Antonio Delgado
    Fellow Canadian songwriter


  5. Hello fellow songsters and songstresses…..I have added my pitch to my homepage and will be updating my website over the next few weeks, with Ariel’s tips….looks like I need to change a few things, and pronto!
    Wishing you all prosperity and luck in the weeks to come.

    Wowzers…that was a long URL…good thing I didn’t go into the whole song as a blog title.


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  7. Lyle Pigeon

    Well, onward and upward.This has been one of the most Eye opening times for me.
    So much to learn …so much to be excited about. I am so thankful We all chose to do this. It’s not just the nine weeks, it’s for the rest of our collective careers.


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