On Your Mark, Get Set, The Challenge Begins…

On Your Marks
Photo by: lincolnblues

61 Songwriters across Canada have signed on to take part in the Canadian Songwriters Social Media Challenge otherwise known as “the Blogging Challenge,” as outlined in Ariel Hyatt‘s book, “Music Success in 9 Weeks.”  How many of us will make it to the finish line?

In last night’s launch conference call with Ariel Hyatt, some participants asked, “What can I expect to get out of this?”  The cool thing about this challenge is that you define your own goals.  Hence some songwriters may be focused on publishing, while others are more focused on lining up gigs.  Whatever your goals, I believe what you put into the challenge is what you will get out of it.  Former challenge participant, Meghan Morrison reflected that she had gotten a lot of intangible benefits from participating in the challenge twice before.  Namely, a better understanding of who she was as an artist and what she wanted to achieve.

The Songwriters Association of Canada is excited to be championing the first ever Canadian challenge and looks forward to the momentum it will create for participants.  We are also thankful to our sponsors: Ariel Publicity, Bandzoogle and Reverbnation.

So, here we go with week 1.  All participants, please post the following below:

1-Your artist name.
2-The URL to your first blog entry
3-The URL to your website
4-Your Twitter handler (if you have one), and
5- your Facebook URL (if you have one)

74 thoughts on “On Your Mark, Get Set, The Challenge Begins…

    1. Lucy LeBlanc

      Kathryn, I tried to repsond to your blog on radiostar….but it wouldn’t let me….because I’m not a member…so I’m posting here: Good blog…lookind forward to reading more.


    1. I love your billboard idea. Especially the use of the ‘cd’ concept that you wrote your goals on. Very good visuals. I thought of the same thing – using a billboard but instead I plastered everything on my walls and I have a notebook.


    1. Lucy LeBlanc

      from your blog – Spending some time with your heart. Well put. Well done. I tried to leave a message on your blog site, but it asked me for an identity of some sort. Maybe I’m not figuring this thing out right.

      Lily….do we post our comments on other participants blogs here, or do we post them on their blog site?


    2. Wow–an honest, courageous look at the behind the scenes of goal-setting. It’s often not just what we want to achieve that needs to be considered: it’s who we need to see ourselves as before we can achieve it. Glad your energy is on the way back up, Lily!


  1. Maddy Rodriguez

    So, in my New Year’s blog post I gave y’all an idea: to write down all the memorable things you did or accomplished in 2011 (because it’d make you feel good about your lovely self)… Well, this week, I started participating in a blogfest/challenge with fellow songwriteres from the Songwriters Association of Canada and uber publicist Ariel Hyatt, and I learned a new thingie…..


    1. Lucy LeBlanc

      Really good blog on goal setting Shelly. I’ve never set so many goals before either. Bring on 2012…it’s going to be a very good year.


    1. Hey Lucy, I followed you through all the other blogs and finally got to yours. Sounds like you’re going to be busy these next few weeks. Looking forward to going through this with you and the others. Cheers – T


  2. Hi, all. Tom again. My first blog post was a reflection on the difficulty of setting individual goals when I usually play as part of a band and part of a family. But I’ve had a long heart-to-heart with the family, and another with the band, and have posted up some actual goals this time. Loving the way this challenge has forced me to open up dialogue with the most important people in my life about the most important activity in my life.

    My blog: http://trioarjento.tumblr.com/post/15866210452/msi9w-challenge-1-goal-setting
    My website: http://www.trioarjento.com
    Twitter: @trioarjento
    Facebook: you can find my band at http://www.facebook.com/trioarjento. You can find me personally at http://www.facebook.com/tpshea


  3. Greetings, all! Hope you all enjoy this “Social Media Challenge” experience. Take it for what it really is… an exciting opportunity to get publicity for our music. And, I’m glad to be a part of it with you.

    Just a word of encouragement to each participant… Don’t worry about screwing up. Fact is… you can’t. Another fact… We are all winners. All we got to do is make it to the finish line. It doesn’t really matter who makes it there first. JUST GET THERE. The important thing is to finish what you start.

    I hope I get an opportunity to meet some (if not all) of you. I’m putting my best foot forward and if there’s any way I can help anyone out, let me know. I’m a musician/songwriter and graphic artist. You can find me on MySpace, Facebook and on the Songwriter’s Assoc. website.

    I’m fairly new to all of this, but I’m not letting being a novice stand in my way of seeing what’s on the other side of this musical wall.

    Good fortune to you all. Cheers!


  4. Nicole Erika Trigg

    It’s only week one and my inspiration is through the roof! Can’t w8t to connect with everyone over the next two months. 🙂

    1 – my artist name: Destiny – there is a good story behind this name, I promise.

    2 – first blog entry (video): http://netwaves.ca/net-musings-blog.html – i love making video!!

    3 – website: http://netwaves.ca – still under construction but the concept is there

    4 – http://twitter.com/_imdestiny – just started a couple weeks ago!

    5 – http://www.fb.com/netwaves.ca – mostly my journalism at this point


  5. I had posted to our facebook group, but thanks to Lily for reminding us to post here as well
    Fenulla AKA FenSTAR
    My full album of 11 tracks is available on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/divinity/id480319284
    (Donations are being made from each album sold to WarChild & Ssubi Foundation – details on the charirites are on my website)
    Blog week 1 post: http://fenulla-fenstar.blogspot.com/
    Started a new twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/FenSTARmusic


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