Get en-Tranced with Melissa Loretta

Melissa Loretta is a professional trance music recording artist.  While she may be off your radar, she’s already making  a huge impact in the trance world, including hitting #34 in the Top 100 Trance Charts at, #33 on A State of Trance 2010 Top 100, and most recently performing in Poznan, Poland for ATB in Concert V.  In fact, 3 of her most recent collaborations appear on ATB’s latest album, Distant Earth,” which achieved Gold status just weeks after release.  For those of you who don’t know, ATB is a German DJ, musician and Trance producer who has been ranked as the number one DJ in the world.

Melissa offered to give us an overview as a Trance singer/songwriter.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to try to write a song in this relatively new genre.

In Melissa’s Words

“Trance Music?! What’s that?!”

This is unfortunately a common question I hear when meeting someone new in Toronto and explaining how my music career started off.  “Oh you are a recording artist, cool, so what type of music do you record?” they’ll ask.  “EDM / Trance Music” I reply, and then wait for the usual questions to follow.

Okay so maybe nearly everyone in Toronto has heard a Trance song or two before (whether they know it or not), but do they really know anything about the genre or that some of the industry’s talented rising stars are actually Canadian?  I’m not about to present a history of Trance here, rather I only hope to expose to fellow S.A.C. members what is starting to emerge as an exploding music scene.  Trance and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) in general is a growing phenomenon that is taking club/concert culture, youtube and other online portals by storm, and that is good news not just for fans but also for songwriters and vocalists alike.

Because Trance is so new compared to the likes of Rock and Country for example, there seems to be a greater window of opportunity for new talent to emerge.  Many Trance DJs/Producers are always on the lookout for new singer-songwriters to work with via a collaboration.  A lot of producers do not sing themselves so they are always on the hunt to find a unique voice to suit their tracks (female vocalists being the current trend though more and more male singer-songwriters are emerging, which is very encouraging).

And you don’t have to go pounding on doors to always find collaboration opportunities.  For me, what started as a simple comment on LA-based DJ/Producer Amurai’s Myspace page, eventually led to a collaboration offer after he took a moment to listen to my songs online.  From there our joint track was pitched and signed to a major EDM label in Europe and the rest is history.  Of course not every producer whom you tap on the virtual shoulder will lend your work an ear, but there may be that “one” who does listen.  So by showcasing your original works online (Myspace, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.) and networking, you never know what can happen.  Of course you have to be cautious of internet scams that unfortunately do exist but it doesn’t take much to do a little research to see if the offer for a potential collaboration deal checks out.

So just what is EDM and Trance culture like?  All you have to do is type in #trancefamily in Twitter search results to get even a small taste.  There you will see a steady flow of tweets and chatter belonging to an enthusiastic community of music lovers sharing a common passion for the genre, and the word “family” is no exaggeration.  There really is a tight-knit online presence created by the artists and fans together.  And the social media sites are just where it all starts.  EDM festivals and concerts happen all throughout the year and around the globe bringing together the artists and supportive listeners.   Maybe I’ll see you at one of them?

Have a listen to some of Melissa’s songs:

One of Melissa’s collaborations with ATB and Amurai:

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