The S.A.C. Writers’ Room launches with a FULL HOUSE!

Songwriting in the hallway.

The offices of the Songwriters Association of Canada were filled with songwriters and new songs being written this past Monday at the Open House and launch of the ALL-NEW S.A.C. Writers’ Room hosted by the Toronto Regional Writers’ Group.  The event, was a great springboard for songwriters to connect with new collaboration partners, as well as to explore exercises to stimulate creativity.  The room was buzzing with enthusiasm and friendliness!

Peter Linseman and myself (Lily C) were pleased with the turn-out (we were filled to capacity!), as well as the resulting songs.  Meghan Morrison was excited about participating in her largest ever co-write with 3 other people, while Joanne Ingrassia looks forward to adding the song she collaborated on into her performing repertoire.  From folk to R&B to children’s songs, everyone brought different styles and talents to the table.

The event was so successful, plans are underway for another collaboration night.  If you weren’t able to make this one, we hope to see you next time!

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Take a Tour of the Writers Room (see video below) and book your time today.

3 thoughts on “The S.A.C. Writers’ Room launches with a FULL HOUSE!

  1. Michael Dean Hajas

    Songwriters Room invitation.
    Hi Lily! Thanx for the invitation. I noticed you make mention of Britney Spears and the amount of writers necessary for her to complete her latest CD. Your absolutely correct in this information, however, not all the co-writers are compensated for their efforts of collaboration. SONY BMG ZOMBA, has a long history of infringing artists creations. Non of our Canadian/ Government agencies support the artist when creative infringement occurs. I feel that our greatest issue for Canadian talent currently is not so much the availability of a “writers” room (although it’s appreciated in kindness), but a system with ability to protect Canadian talent from piracy. So many hearts of would be musicians are put in trauma as a result of this travesty. Please put attentions into informing today’s youth, about the affects they have on P2P, and to the board of SAC/Socan/WIPO/CIRA, to justify your existence, collectively you should be putting honesty at the forefront of the Smoke and Mirrors you use in protectionism of your jobs. Potentially much like the Big 3 or Blockbuster, you could end up at the Soup Line beside the rest of the Canadian Talent you live off.


    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your feedback and comments. The Songwriters’ Association of Canada does invest a lot of resources and efforts towards advocacy. But as you may know, it is an uphill battle. You can find out more about what is being done here:

      The S.A.C. is also a part of the Creators’ Copyright Coalition and contributed to the principals that were submitted to the Heritage and Industry ministers:

      While we work towards change in the system, it’s still important for us, as songwriters, to keep honing our craft. I believe collaboration is part of that process.



  2. Michael Dean Hajas

    Thank you for taking a moment to respond. I sense that you are trapped in a position that compromises your ability to tell the absolute truth. The music industry is and has been in tail spin for some 10 years now. The facts point directly to the realities that not only the Movie Production Industry, but even the Adult Film Industry has jumped on the “Band Wagon” to try and recompose the decomposed state of affairs. I devoted my life to an industry that has not been legally supported by my country of Canada, that in the same breath has the audacity to charge to support Government Agencies such as CIPO and affiliations with memberships to SAC. After having my Art, Music, Intellectual Properties stolen by SONY /BMG/ ZOMBA/ Britney Spears/ Robert John “Mutt” Lange this has sent my family into years of anguish at people who have not felt the same pain. I devoted my every effort to helping Canadian content, supporting, producing, publishing, mixing, mastering. I gave thousands of hours to Radio Stations, community groups, Indigenous Clans, professional organizations. I paid into the music industry and bought over $500,000. worth of equipment. I invented the world’s first digital microphone assumed by Beryerdynamic and Elizabeth Cohen of the AES of New York.

    So… we get together and write songs about the woes of our unrecognized efforts, it would be appropriate if you advocated on behalf of our children. My son has seen his father cry out to our Country and it’s leaders, the people behind the lack of standardization of punitive charges associated with Intellectual Property theft, what to do.

    I love the muse,…’s in my heart and soul. I need recognition by my peers as well. Accolades are what build the perpetual motion. Imagine your art just being stolen, why then should Pizza, a car or Porn have any more intrinsic value than what I have put into this illusive promise?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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