How Dan Bremnes Successfully Combines His Faith and Music

Dan Bremnes released  “Your Strength,” his first full length album last year and already won an award from the “International Songwriting Competition,” and also became a finalist in the “John Lennon Songwriting Competition.”  His songs have been charting on the “Canadian Christian Radio Countdown,” and the album received a nomination for “Modern Worship Album of the Year,” from the Canadian Gospel Music Association.  He also recently won an online “Local Music Search” run by American Christian radio station, Praise 106.5.

Dan’s video for his song, “Beautiful,” is currently being featured on our website, so we asked him to write about his perspective as a faith-based songwriter.  He provided a great overview for his journey and recent success.

In Dan’s Words:

I have been writing music for the past 10 years or so. Ranging from punk rock, alternative rock, acoustic pop, to modern worship. I love the thrill of writing a new song and don’t usually sit down with intentions of writing in any particular genre.

Last June I released my first full length album called ‘Your Strength’ The album features 10 songs I have been writing over the last few years. There is a mix on the album, but the strongest feel is that of ‘modern worship’ The record has been distributed nationally by ‘David C Cook’ and is also available online.

I have found being an independent Christian artist not much different than any other genre. Hitting the music scene from every angle possible seems to be the trick.

Radio, social media, YouTube, touring, and networking. All of these work together to create endless possibilities in often unexpected ways.

Radio play has contributed a large part in moving forward. Canada has over 35 Christian Radio stations from coast to coast. Support from these stations has proven to be a huge part in getting Christian CANCON out to listeners.

I’ve spent the last year touring the album to different venues and churches. It has been an awesome journey so far with many lessons and highlights. Most of the places we play are very warm and receptive. It’s been great building quality relationships in different cities/communities and look forward to returning to many of them.

Often times along the way I have asked myself ‘why I’m doing this?’ At the end of the day, we all have to believe in what we’re doing and it just becomes a job if we don’t. I am passionate about music and about God. I’m privileged to be able to combine the two and share it with others, even outside the Christian music scene.

I feel that music has the power to cross over genre’s and speak to whoever is willing to listen. It truly is the universal language and such an honor to be a part of.

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Here is Dan’s Featured Video: