Simona Peron: From back-up vocalist to lyricist

Simona Peron was a back-up vocalist for many years in Italy under the name of Simona Pirone. She toured with Richard Cocciante, Amii Stewart, Mike Francis and sang duets with some of Italy’s most popular artists.

Simona Peron has co-written for international artists such as Roch Voisine and Filippa Giordano, co-writing mostly with Rick Allison (songwriter, producer manager for Lara Fabian songwriter) and Vincenzo Thoma (songwriter for Lara Fabian, Roch Voisine, Chimene Badi. )

She also released solo albums in Italy, Canada, Scandinavia and the Benelux in the 90s. She also recorded a soundtrack for a famous European TV series called ‘The Climber.’   Here is our interview with her about her journey as a lyricist and how she stays inspired.

1.  How did you discover you were a lyricist?  I started writing my own songs on the guitar when I was a teenager.

2.  How did you find opportunities to co-write?  My first opportunity was with Mike Francis, an Italian artist who had a hit in the UK with a song he wrote for Amii Stewart.  I was touring with him as a back-up vocalist and he asked me to write some lyrics for him.

3.  When you cowrite for other artists, how do you prepare for these sessions?  I am open to any kind of collaboration, but usually I receive an mp3 of the song with a melody and fake words, just sounds. The music inspires a topic. Unless the composer already has one in mind, I usually work on the sounds of the song and juxtapose words on the music that have a great meaning but also a great sound that flows well on the melody and can be sung easily.

4.  What do you bring to the table in a cowriting session?  Usually I have melodies or sometimes I will suggest the need of a chord change at one point or the need for a bridge.

5.  Please tell us about your first song.   The first song I wrote was called “Take me to heaven” It was written in the 80s and finally published this year. Now that’s a story right?

6.  What do you do to keep yourself flowing creatively?  I read a lot . Usually real stories inspire me.

7.  Any tips or words of encouragement for lyricists who are trying to make a go of it, but feel frustrated because they are not strong melodists or instrumentalists? It’s important to sing when you are writing words. The sound of the words are just as important as their meaning. A lyricist is a fundamental part of the musical process. Words in a pop song represent an aspect of the arrangement and are just as important as a bass line or a snare sound or an effect on an instrument. Without disregarding the importance of a message, words in a pop song have the same importance of a melody.

8.  Anything else you think would be helpful to the songwriting community?  Surround yourself with great songwriters and  be open to suggestions.

Click Here to hear some of her work.