Songwriters’ School Visit in Charlottetown

Although young people don’t necessarily understand why they don’t like something, they know what they do like. They are certainly intuitive when it comes to music. The S.A.C. in the school program has brought many songwriter into schools across the country this past year in the hopes of creating a stronger link between these young people and the music creators of the songs they love. On April 15th, the S.A.C. brought Grammy and Juno award winning songwriter Dan Hill and PEI singer/songwriter Chastity into Colonel Grey High School in Charlottetown to talk about songwriting, perform some original songs and answer some questions about songwriting and the music business.

Both Dan and Chastity played songs that were powerful and emotional and allowed the audience of 70 students to learn more about how these songs were created and why. Dan played a song called “My father’s son” that depicts his struggle growing up and trying to impress his father, which story has been immortalized in his latest book called “I am my father’s son”, a memoir of love and forgiveness.  After he played that song, and everyone recovered from their emotions, he also played some of his other hits that have been recorded by other artists. Chastity played some of her original songs including some recently written pieces. Both Chastity and Dan talked about co-writing as being a way to expand your writing ability and horizons. Some young songwriters stayed afterward to talk to Dan, Chastity and I and they were very inspired by this event and hoped to do more collaboration because of it. In fact, these same students vowed they would start up a songwriting to offer others a safe place to create and learn from other writers. What a great way to meet young people….through music.  Both Dan and Chastity performed at the Bluebird North showcase the following evening along with several other artists.

For more information on the S.A.C. in the Schools program, check out

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