Ryan Field Keeps “Dreaming On”

Ryan Field playing violin on a rooftop.

“Dream On,” is a song off Ryan Field’s most recent album called, “The New Beginning.”The song and the video are the culmination of a dream that has been powered by perseverance and resourcefulness.

Ryan began his musical journey early in his life.  His parents encouraged him to attend a school for the arts.  Ryan began writing music at the age of 15.  As a young teenager, he remembers playing around with melodies on the piano and getting to know his favourite chords, which is where his songwriting began.

In his early twenties Ryan began looking for ways to record his melodies.  He scoured the internet and his personal network to find producers.  There were times it felt as if the pursuit of his dream had hit a brick wall in terms of inspiration and ideas.  However, breakthrough came when “Dream On,” came to him through a piano melody.  The song captured his feelings as an artist with a big dream.  Around the same time, he met Mississauga producer, Dominic “Dot” Okune who produced and co-wrote “Dream On.”

Ryan created the piano and synth melodies and sent them off to Dot. It was clear to Ryan that he’d found the right producer as they had a great synergy and Dot knew exactly the right direction in which to take the song.   The beat was thickened and Dot added an MC/spoken word part to the bridge.   It was clear that the brick wall he had encountered had dissolved as Ryan suddenly found himself in the studio laying down the vocals.

Ryan knew he needed a music video, but also knew he lacked the budget.  He contacted his good friend, Tony Del Rio, a Toronto born director/videographer and editor who happened to need material for his reel.  Tony took on the creative reigns for the video and filming took place throughout Toronto, including the rooftop of Ryan’s old apartment in the fashion district.
Even before it was broadcast, the music video has been a source of inspiration, as a group of inner-city youth took part in the shooting and even appear in the video.

When asked about his personal dream, Ryan shyly admits, his biggest dream is to sing in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  Although the path to stardom has it’s frustrations, Ryan is especially grateful to his parents and especially his brother Jesse, who always encourage Ryan to keep, “Dreaming On!”

Click here to hear more of Ryan’s songs.

2 thoughts on “Ryan Field Keeps “Dreaming On”

  1. Doinas Infinite Solutions

    Ryan is bringing quality music to the mainstream!
    The first time I heard his songs I felt a strong urge to support his music not only because he is from Toronto, Canada but also because the quality of music that he is bringing to the surface is something that many just dream of doing. Kudos to you Ryan for showing the world that you don’t need a big budget to create something beautiful. Imagine what you could do with more money! The sky is the limit!


  2. Good stuff, Ryan! That song motivates me to keep doing my thing whenever I have doubts about music being my future. I love the positive message and overall it is a truly great song. Quality over everything. Keep going down that road and you’ll be doing great things in the near future. Much love + success. Mike, Rhythm.


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