A Yoga Class for Songwriters

Michelle Dumond is our newest Featured Member.  Her songs conjure up a magical vibe that take listeners to distant places and dreams.  While her songs are imaginative and creative, she is well-grounded in her musical and songwriting skills.  We invited her to write some tips and encouragement for fellow songwriters.  Hope you enjoy her “yoga class” for songwriters…

By Michelle Dumond

This may be an article, but let’s pretend it’s a yoga class, OK?  So adjust your tights and get comfortable, we’ll start with a meditation.  You may want to switch off with a friend, guiding you through it.

Sit, spine straight, relaxed tongue, body and breath.  Hold your mind for 10 counts on the delicious breath flowing from the nose.   Bring to mind a blissful experience you had with music (one where others were present).  Connect with the sense of love in the body- the “man, I love You” that happened with your friend.   Connect with the compassion that arose in the heart (you wanted everyone else to be happy too, if they were glum you wanted to uplift their hearts).  Conjure up the sense of joy that rejoiced in witnessing others bliss.  Bring to mind the expansive equal friendliness that saw everyone in that room as deserving of happiness.  These are the 4 infinite thoughts.

Good.  Come back.  Where were you?  At a rave or club?  Swing dancing? With your band?  These feelings of blissful expansion we can feel with music describe the same states we aspire to on the spiritual path.  Applied, these 4 infinite thoughtseeds can blossom into a magical world beyond imagination.  Music is part of all spiritual traditions and until fairly recently, was only used in a sacred context.  It is invisible, fleeting, strongly affecting, personal  and can spark inner and outer revolution.  Music brings us together unlike any other art form.  According to the yogic texts, we can use blissful music experiences to create a life of more of them.  Woohoo!First we have to explore karma and emptiness, however.From a yogic perspective, it is our perceptions that colour a world empty of any inherent meaning or value.  For example, if you want to wreck havoc, tell someone to put on some “good” music, at a party.   The problem, of course, is that one person’s good is another’s MC Hammer…or Elvis, or….get the point?

We have basically three modes: craving, aversion and bliss which correspond to prana flowing in the left, right or central channels of our subtle bodies.  These perceptions of craving and aversion that we experience are of themselves empty too; meaning they aren’t permanent, we aren’t in control of them in the moment and they aren’t random.  They have been generated by our past deeds.  Want to have the perception of a lot of great music flow into your life?  Watch your mind, and root out any and all cases of being critical or divisive in speech or thought.So next time you hear a song and bliss out, know it’s not coming from that song.  Connect with the 4 infinites and send them out.  Offer them to all and sundry.  Bow down to the merit that brought upon this experience.Try it.  See what happens.  Catch you on the dance floor, Angel!


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