The warmth of music during Frostbite

BBN Frostbite
The first Bluebird North at Frostbite Festival featuring Manfred Janssen, Ryan McNally, Kate Weekes and Kim Beggs.

Music and frostbite go hand in hand. Well they did this past weekend anyway. I had the privilege of attending the 33rd annual Frostbite Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon (Feb 18-20). An event that is an immersion into minus 40 celsius and music, the 3 day festival was held at Yukon College and featured such great artists as Bahamas, George Gao, Joaquin Diaz, Kim Beggs, Mississippi Sheiks Tribute, Sarah MacDougall, the Weber Brothers and many others. Frostbite offered more than fours stages for a variety of musical tastes and each one was “all ages” bringing out more than double the number of attendees from last year. Workshops were done on Ukulele for Beginners by Uke-Master James Hill and some amazing jamming was heard in the “Woodshed” room both saturday and sunday.

BBn Frostbite 2
Bluebird North #2 at Frostbite Festival featuring Afie Jurvanen (Bahamas), Nathan Rogers, Sarah MacDougall and Eekwol (r to l). Amazing!

The S.A.C. sponsored two Bluebird North stages at the Frostbite Festival that featured singer/ songwriters Manfred Janssen, Ryan McNally, Kim Beggs, Kate Weekes, Nathan Rogers, Hip-hop artist Eekwol, Sarah MacDougall and Afie Jurvanen (Bahamas). There were two Bluebird North events and both offered audiences a glimpse into the creation of these original songs and the stories behind them. These events were held in the Cafe Degele at the Yukon College to packed rooms. We hope this is the start of a relationship with Frostbite Festival and Music Yukon that will see the Bluebird North event appearing regularly.

A private event was also held at the Music Yukon offices on friday, February 18th offered Yukon songwriters an opportunity to learn more about the S.A.C. business to business music file-sharing initiative. Alot of great questions were asked by participants and the event ended with some wine, food and networking.

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