Notes from Don Quarles on Breakout West 2010

A Note from our Executive Director:


Hi folks,
Breakout West 2010 (formerly called the WCMA conference) was held October 20-23  in Kelowna, B.C. The S.A.C. sponsored two events that were a huge success. The first event was a talk given by Bill Henderson (Chilliwack) on the S.A.C. proposal to monetize music file sharing that was held on friday at 5:30 in the Regatta Room of the host hotel. Some of the songwriters that attended had never even heard of the S.A.C., not to mention the proposal to monetize file sharing. It always amazes me how many songwriters there are out there who haven’t yet discovered who we are or how much they can benefit from being a member.
Bill presentation was fantastic and offered room for questions. The obvious question was then asked “What can we do to help?”. Well, here is the deal. There are several ways they (and you) can help:
1. Become a member of the S.A.C. – we are doing great work on behalf of all songwriters including you. If you are a songwriter, you should be a member.  Click Here to read about Membership Benefits.  Click Here to Become a Member.
2. Sign your name to our proposal’s online petition. Visit for information about our proposal. Visit “I Agree” to sign your name.
The second event the S.A.C. sponsored was a demo evaluation event on sunday that featured Blair Packham, Elizabeth Spear, David J Taylor, Brian Hetherman and was hosted by Luc Hart. The were over 60 enthusiastic songwriters / producers that attended and just under 30 song demos were submitted. According to the panelists, the quality of the submissions were “top drawer”.
Our thanks to Melissa and Rick from the Western Canadian Music Alliance for help to make both these events happen. They have asked that we do similar events next year. I am sure we can make that happen!
See you all then!

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