Katelyn Dawn: from Canadian Idol Contestant to Music Video Producer

Katelyn Dawn
Katelyn Dawn

Katelyn Dawn made her way from a small town in Manitoba to Toronto in a temperamental Dodge Caravan.  She landed with a bang as she placed in the Top 16 of Canadian Idol.  From there Katelyn has opened for the likes of Divine Brown, Tom Cochrane, Mobile, and Loverboy. She has also been featured several times on CTV and E-talk.Rescue Me” is her debut music video and also a track off her newest self-titled EP.  The music video was directed and shot by Antoine Biko who partnered with Katelyn to come up with the storyline that has a surprise ending. Read about the process and plans for “Rescue Me.” and check out the video.

1.   How involved were you in the making of this video in terms of how the clips were shot, choosing locations and how it was edited? I was pretty involved, I drove around and talked to people who owned coffee shops and things like that, and took photos of it to storyboard.  A lot of the places that we shot at are places I go often.  High park, bloor street west…
3.  How did you find the right creative partner (Antoine Biko) and how long did the video take to shoot?
Actually, Antoine emailed me and offered to film a free video for me for his portfolio!  So we got together for coffee, came up with a story idea, spent some time scouting locations and arranging actors, then we set some dates and we began to shoot the video.  I think we completed everything in 4 days of shooting. It was lots of fun!
4.  You have several wardrobe changes throughout the video (including a very cute bikini).  Did you work with a stylist? I did go shopping to find some cute summer stuff  I think the clothes suit my personality.  The bikini was a little riskay but I figured meh, its summer and its a cute fun video, and I dont take myself too seriously so it turned out pretty good!!
5.  How has participating in Canadian Idol helped or hindered your career thus far?
It has helped for sure!  Its a great thing to put on a resume and adds some clout to my career, and it always makes a good story..  I have many friends who introduce me like this… “this is my friend katelyn, she was top 16 on canadian idol” hahaha
6.  What plans do you have to gain exposure for this video?
I’m going to post it on youtube and see how that goes, and if I think the video is getting some momentum I will probably pitch it to MTV or CMT
7.  What hurdles did you encounter along the way?
I didn’t really have any hurdles actually.  I planned the whole EP, paid for everything, scheduled rehearsals, found musicians all of that stuff, so that more than anything is the hard part.  I just really enjoy producing music and now, producing videos its a lot of fun and very rewarding
8.  How has the release of your latest self-titled EP been going?
Its been going great!  I have had lots of great feedback for the songs and I’m very proud of the level on songwriting and production on it.  I think it all came together wonderfully!

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