There’s a Kitchen Party happening behind the “Red Door, Second Floor”

Something sizzling is about to be released in Toronto.  The band, “The Kitchen Party” is releasing their debut album, “Red Door, Second Floor” and they’ve been cooking up a storm in venues in Toronto, Montreal and New York over the last few months.  Freeman Dre, lead singer/songwriter and owner of said kitchen has a deep husky voice that brings an interesting colour to his up-beat story-telling songs.  It’s been said that Freeman Dre and his Kitchen party “are a cult following waiting to happen.”  See for yourself – Click Here to hear some tunes and read his bio.

1.  Your band is called “The Kitchen Party.”  How often do you have music parties in your kitchen? All the time!! My Kitchen has been home to great jams. The party always ends up in kitchen even when we go out. My neighbours aren’t fans.

2.  Do you ever cook while your making music?  If so, what foods have inspired your music? Well, I do cook a mean perogi – Polska style, but there tends to be more drinking when the boys come over. To be honest, I’d say the vodka has a bigger effect on the mood.

3.  You’ve had a busy season, gigging almost every week.  Have you been booking these yourself? The line-up has changed a lot, and we only started playing together over the last little while, so we play a good number of shows, mainly because we really enjoy it, but just getting practice can be reason enough, and people keep coming so we keep doing it.  My tip for fellow songwriters (or anyone really) is to work hard.

4.  How did you find the right musicians to form this group? It started with just Lonny and me playing on my back deck when he was learning the mandolin, noodling around, and it grew from there.  One of the things that’s fundamental in Kitchen Party is the vibe. Musicians stick around based as much on their personality as their music skills. We figured if we’re going to spend a lot of time together we better like each other, and we do very much.

5.  Your bio quotes Anjanji Thomas (Leonard Cohen’s back-up vocalist) as saying, “I love Freeman Dre’s music.”  How did she come to hear your music? Anjanji  heard it through a mutual friend. I’m a big fan of hers too so it was really cool.

6.  You’ve made quite a few videos posted on your Youtube channel.  In particular, the video for “Lets Take the Show on the Road,” is professional shot and edited.  How did you create the concept(s) for your video(s) and how have these been financed? The video for “Let’s Take the Show on the Road” was done by a very talented friend of ours J.Molloy, who was kind enough to donate his time, gear, and expertize to the project. The concept was very simple. We just wanted to capture the kitchen party. Basically the video is about who we are and what we do. I love videos. Not Much Music videos, but YouTube is great! And I plan on being involved with many, many more! They don’t have to be big budget videos either, some of the best ones aren’t.

7.  What is the significance about “Red Door, Second Floor”? It is a tribute to my apartment (and the kitchen). It’s on the second floor and my front door is red. Stop by anytime!

8.  Any words of wisdom you would like to share with fellow songwriters about what you’ve learned to date? The only thing I would mention is being involved with other songwriters and bands has been great. Marlon, who is in Kitchen Party, is also in a killer band called Broken Bricks, Tangi is in Worldly Savages, and just being around one another makes us all that much better, and it is a good way to stay inspired and build resources. I’m open to people, and as a result I have a bunch of awesome musicians on the album.

9.  Where do you hope “The Kitchen Party” will have travelled to by this time next year? Other than our regular Toronto-Montreal-NY triangle we hope to go to UK, Iceland, Germany, and Poland this year.

Here’s their video for “Let’s Take the Show on the Road”


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