Sierra Noble is looking forward to all the Possibilities…

Sierra Noble has garnered a few prestigious gigs lately including Lilith Fair in Calgary, opening for Bon Jovi and Kid Rock, and she played for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (for the second time) during the Queen’s recent visit to Winnipeg.  The title track of her recently released EP entitled “Possibilities,” has already started charting on the Top 20 Countdown on CMT (Country Music Television) which was also her debut music video.  She took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions…

1. What is the inspiration behind your newest album? The inspiration behind the “Possibilities” EP was quite simple…record my favourite of the very few songs I had written at that point.  The inspiration behind the album that I’ve been working on this year has a little more to it. In the past 6 months or so I’ve finally felt like I have some grasp on the art of songwriting and I also think I’ve finally been figuring out who I am as a songwriter.

I’ve been learning how to write about anything I want, or need to…it’s been a very therapeutic thing for me really as I think it is for most writers. I’ve been through a lot (good, bad, ugly, and beautiful) in my short 20 years of life…and I’m finally finding ways to write about it. I’m hoping that those special songs rise from the ashes and present themselves with little force for the new album. There will also be an instrumental album released shortly after the new vocal record…and probably an instrumental track or two.

2. Who has been your biggest supporter over the years? Definitely my mom. She’s an angel. Single mom of 3 girls, and did everything in her power to make sure every one of our dreams came true. She’s been there for me from the very beginning from driving me across the city to my violin (and dance) lessons when I was little, driving across the country to fiddle contests, flying around the world with me to festivals, and helping me make the really big important decisions of this crazy thing we call life through the whirlwind of the music industry…not to mention putting up with me, haha! Hard to imagine what I would do without her. I love you so much, Mama.

3. What has been the greatest challenge you have overcome thus far? And how did you overcome it? I’ve had many challenges in my life, some so great that I didn’t think I could overcome them period. But given time, you come to realize that it’s the challenges you face and your strength to overcome them that make you truly great. I strongly believe that if anyone looks at almost any hardship that they’ve had to face, no matter how great, there are usually many wonderful things that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been faced with that hardship. If you didn’t stub your toe on the crack in the side walk you may have not seen that $20 bill laying there on the ground.

I take everything in stride and try and view things from a wider perspective. I try my best to embrace all of life…but then again I’m only human. Having a shoulder to cry on once in a while helps too.

4. Do you write lyrics, chords, or melody first?It’s always different every time. For a long time I usually wrote chords and melody first. But lately I’ve been writing a lot of lyrics and then going from there. Like I said, I’m still very much discovering myself as a songwriter, and songwriting as an art form…I have a lot of different roads to discover still.

5. What advice do you have to give fellow artists who haven’t yet broken through?I wish I could approach this as an artist who HAS broken though, haha, I’m still trying myself…but I suppose I can offer some advice having been at it a while. Just keep going. Never stop. And don’t let anyones words or actions stop you from accomplishing exactly what you want to do. There are many different roads to get to any given place…even if it means making your own through the middle of a field.

6. Why has it been so important to you to dedicate your self to so many humanitarian causes? I think that as artists we have a great gift to reach people not only through our music about world issues, but even just the fact that we are given the opportunity to get up on a stage in front of a crowd of people who are there to listen to every word we sing, and every word we say. We have that time with those people to give them any message we want to and go home knowing that most of them will leave remembering it. I take that upon myself as a great responsibility as a human being on this earth to do something good with that.

Off stage is another thing though…it’s hard to explain WHY it’s so important to me to dedicate as much time as I can to different causes, but it would be even harder I think to explain why it wouldn’t be. When you see children with nothing and you have something to give, especially when you realize that something as simple as your time and compassion could change someone’s life forever…how could you not.

7. What would you like to see happen in your career in the coming year?Release the new record, tour tour tour, work hard and be ready for whatever else is in store! A good deal with a major label would be nice, and a great manager would really help too 🙂 just to put that out there…

Read more about her and listen to her songs on her S.A.C. profile – Click Here.


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