Matthew de Zoete on Getting High and Making Music Videos

Matthew De Zoete

Matthew de Zoete is our first member to have his music video featured on the S.A.C. website.  Read about his creative process and what he learned along the way.

1.  How did you come up with the creative concept for this video? In the first meeting I had with the director Rick Hind, he suggested that he’d like to shoot the video in The Staircase Theatre, an independent theatre here in Hamilton.  Since the song talks about looking at pictures of my relatives, the theatre location gave me the idea of playing to an audience of life-sized family photographs.  Then Rick and I fleshed out the particulars and made it happen.

2.  What was the hardest part of making this video? Since this was the first video I’ve made, the hardest part was the editing process – putting everything together to make a cohesive video.  Rick is a lot more experienced than I am, so I relied heavily on him for this part.

3.  Did any crazy things happen in the process? I got a bit high off the fumes from the spray glue I used to glue the blown up pictures to the cardboard backings.  And Rick brought a $10 toy video camera to the shoot ‘just for fun’.  We ended up using quite a few shots from that camera because they looked so different and interesting.

4.  How did you fund this project? I didn’t receive assistance from any grant organizations, so I funded the project myself.  We all know how well-heeled songwriters are, and I have deep pockets.  The total cost was about $1200.

5.  Has this video achieved what you hoped it would, both in terms of creativity and exposure? Creatively, this project was very satisfying.  It was a great introduction to making a music video, and it was an interesting and rewarding challenge to bring the vision Rick and I had in our heads to the screen.  The whole process made me think about this song and songwriting in general from a new angle, and it was a lot of fun to develop and realize visual ideas to go with the music.  In terms of exposure, it hasn’t achieved everything I was hoping for (fame, fortune, etc.), but it has been quite helpful in attracting new fans and giving current fans new material to check out.

6.  What did you learn from making this video that would be helpful for others to know? I learned that I’m lucky to have talented friends who are willing to help out.  And I learned that making a video is a lot more work than I’d originally thought.  It takes a lot of time and effort to get from the initial brainstorming to the finished product.  So I’d like to say a big thank-you to Rick Hind, Gord Pullar, Dave Hind, Dave King, and Paul van Dyk.

7.  What is the best thing that could happen in your music career in the coming year? I’m preparing to record a third album later this year, so the best thing that could happen would be for me to write that one killer song that knocks the new record out of the park – something almost as good as ‘Waterloo Sunset’.

Click Here to hear more of his tunes.


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