Ryan McMahon admits he likes Milli Vanilli

Ryan McMahon's photoRyan McMahon, our latest featured member is busy in studio these days.  But he took some time out to answer a few questions for us:

1.  What artist has impacted you the most over the course of the development of your music.  It’s always hard to pinpoint just one, but Warren Zevon is a character and a writer that I continuously return to time & time again.  He was a much darker songwriter than many others of his era, and the stories he told in his music were amazing.  Nobody could paint like Zevon.

2.  Have you ever had writer’s block?  If so, what did you do to overcome it?  I write songs in clusters.  I’ll have a week where three or four decent songs may come to be, then nothing for two months, especially now with family responsibilities taking up much of my home time.  So, yes, I’ve most definitely had writer’s block, but it’s usually due to lack of time to devote to the craft, and the fact that I can’t always get to the guitar as much as I’d like to.

3.  What music are you embarrassed to admit you listen to? This one’s easy.  I’m 30, so I’m old enough to know that Milli Vanilli was awesome for five minutes.  Blame it on the Rain.

4.  What comes first, chords, lyrics, or melody for you?  This varies, depending on what’s available to me.  If I’m in a BC Ferry lineup, and I only have a pen & paper at my disposal, I may jot down a few ideas, then add chords & melody later.  If I’m hanging out in my back yard, just noodling on the guitar, I might come up with a neat chord progression or riff that calls for lyrics to be added afterwards… it changes from song to song, but usually the subject matter comes first.

5.  Who has been the most supportive person during your musical journey?  There have been quite a few.  I’m blessed to have had some great and supportive friends over the past decade of doing this.  My family are all very supportive of what I do, despite all the ups and downs and moods that go along with it.  Cathleen, my fiancee and manager has stood behind me for the past 3 years, and she’s coaxed some of the greatest, most honest and real material out of me that I’ve ever written.  Financially, there are so many lean times when you are an indie, and she’s taken the good & the bad and kept pushing for me to continue.  She’s the best friend my music has ever had.

6.  Where would you like to be one year from today?  GM Place – I mean, er, Rogers Arena.

Listen to his tunes and find out more about Ryan McMahon.  Click Here.


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