5 Questions for CrY

CrY is our latest Featured Member. Here’s what she has to say about songwriting and the universe…

1.  What has been the biggest hurdle you have overcome in your musical career? Since I don’t play an instrument, my biggest hurdle would have to be finding musicians to help me get what’s in my “head” out my head. The start to almost all my songs begins with melodies in my mind, which I transfer to accapellas and lyric sheets. To me this is so important, to have some sort of accompanist that gets me, can almost “hear” what I “hear” and transfer it into actual notes. I envy all acoustic guitarists!!

2.  What is the dream opportunity you’d like to see happen? I’d love to write with Linda Perry. How she pulls out your emotions…she makes you so vulnerable that only the best comes out. That would be awesome!

3.  Where do your best ideas for your songs come from?  Though I hate to admit it, my best ideas come from my relations with men. Heartbreak, sex, loneliness, etc. Go figure lol

4. Who is your biggest fan that has kept you going?  My kids are my biggest fans. When they sing my songs alongside songs they hear on the radio, it makes me feel like they take what I do seriously….they already think I’m a star 🙂

5.  What is your favourite song that you’ve written? My favorite song right now is So Numb. I love the Kanye instrumental used, plus the subject is personal to me. I love exposing myself through music 🙂
CLICK HERE to hear it.


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