new approach to downloading

It was October 21st when Billy Bragg, Sawan Javad (Wide Mouth Mason), NDP’s Heritage Critic Charlie Angus and I were in Ottawa at a Press conference to talk about Canada’s Digital online challenges.

Canadian Press’ Jennifer Ditchburn’s article appears here:

The Songwriters Association of Canada, under the leadership of President Eddie Schwartz, has worked tirelessly to ensure that a business model is created to fairly remunerate Canadian music creators and rights holders for the use of their works that are being file shared. The S.A.C. proposal can be found here:
or at:

This model is to address the fact that currently file sharing accounts for approximately 95% of the online activity and yet none has yet to pay creators for this use of their work.

The Association has been to several conferences to speak on this proposal along with many supporters including the CMCC (the Canadian Music Creators Coalition), CIPPIC (The Canadian Internet Privacy Policy Interest Clinic) and others. Eddie Schwartz will be attending a conference in Las Vegas in January to discuss this model as well as at MIDEM in France at the end of the month.

The S.A.C. is determined to find a solution that works for music creators and right holders as well as consumers / music fans and file sharers and is equitable.

To let the S.A.C. know that you support this initiative, please sign onto the proposal at the link above.

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